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29 officials are detained by the State House Anticorruption Unit in the “Expose The Corrupt” Drive

In the course of its "Expose The Corrupt" campaign, the Anticorruption Unit of State House Uganda has detained at least 29 civil officials.

In the course of its “Expose The Corrupt” campaign, the Anticorruption Unit of State House Uganda has detained at least 29 civil officials.

Three Katakwi district officials were detained by the unit on Saturday, June 25, for misusing public funds.

Atim Angella, a district education officer, Eyomu Raymond, a chief finance officer, and Ajoko Joseph Emukoko, a sector accountant education department employee, are the accused.

Katakwi officials

They are accused of misusing UGX72 million intended for the purchase of seats desks for Katakwi District Local Government’s primary schools.

Some of the primary schools in the Katakwi district did not receive more than 112-seater desks.

Additionally, some payments were made to the contractor Sennar Investments Limited without following the correct procurement processes.

The squad detained 12 persons connected to the Busia Municipality on June 24th, a Friday.

Busia officials

Town Clerk, Chief Financial Officer, Commercial Officer, Engineer, Division Treasurer, Procurement Officer, Acting Municipal Engineer, and Principal Health Supervisor are a few among them.

They are charged with failing to perform their duties and costing the government Ugx850m in losses due to the improper management of Busia Main Market.

Olweny Edward was charged with stealing a Massey Ferguson tractor and a Disc Plough, both of which were valued at $400 million, in Busia Chief Magistrates Court on the same day.

Olweny Edward at Busia Chief Magistrates Court

He was held in custody until July 7, 2022.

The Town Clerk Busolwe TC Butaleja District Local Government, Mr. Hirya Julius, was detained on June 23 by the unit for allegedly granting the Town council’s structural and planning contract to World Host Consultants Ltd. fraudulently.

He is also charged with paying the same corporation an additional 32M UGX without authorization.

Busolowe town clerk and procurement officer

Hibbombo Kainan, a senior procurement officer, was also detained for falsifying a contract award letter to the same contractor, claiming that the Butaleja District Local Government’s District Contracts Committee had approved it when, in fact, it had not.

On June 22, the unit, working with the police, detained six individuals, including Irene Langa, the chairperson of the Tororo Teachers Association, her cabinet, and two internal auditors, for conspiring to steal UGX1.3 billion in UPE funds since 2019.

The fraudster who is also the DEO, Albert Odo, is still at large.

Tororo officials

The unit apprehended six Maracha District Local Government officials on June 17 for abuse of office, causing financial loss, and stealing as part of operations being conducted in the West Nile region in response to public outcry.

Those held include the DEO Osoa Flavia, the district engineer Ezati Timothy Maluma, the internal auditor Abiribale Paul, the environmental officer Avako, the CFO Candia Stephen, and Ezati Robert (clerk).

According to reports, Sh1.9 billion was allocated for the construction of several structures at Kololo Public Secondary School.

Maracha district officials

Due to a lack of oversight and follow-up by the officials, the contractors continued to have their contracts renewed despite the poor quality of the work.

Brig. Gen. Henry Isoke, the head of the State House Anticorruption Unit, and Hon. Peter Ogwang, the state minister for Economic Monitoring, spent last week in the Busia District as part of the continuous oversight of government initiatives.

They had conferences with the district administration.

Brig Gen Henry Isoke

Concerns were expressed about, among other things, the poorly managed UGX350 million emyooga funds, starter funds, Primary Health Care funds, inflation of the pension and salary bill, the poorly built, stalled 1.6 billion Town Council building, and the poorly managed Busia Main Market.

Brigadier General Isoke mentioned corruption as a significant barrier to providing services in his speech.

He praised the LCV and RDC for their commitment to fighting corruption and urged them to take steps to eradicate absenteeism and tardiness, which are silent forms of corruption, from the area.


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