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St. Lawrence University has 430 graduates.

At St. Lawrence University in Kampala, 430 students graduated in a variety of subjects, bringing tears of joy to their eyes.

At St. Lawrence University in Kampala, 430 students graduated in a variety of subjects, bringing tears of joy to their eyes.

Prof Badru Kateregga, the guest speaker at the occasion, exhorted the graduates to maintain a positive attitude as they entered the labor market.

“While the labor market is not short on informed and skilled workers, it is struggling to locate people with the necessary attitude and character to make a difference.” Whereas graduation will earn you a job, it is only your character and attitude that will keep you there,” Kateregga explained.

He advised the gathering that a positive attitude may be developed by seeking out positive counsel, reading positive books, visiting positive places, and associating with positive people.

“Those who believe in God should continue to practice faith and value-based living. Having faith and principles will enable you to treat others with respect and consider their well-being. Make an effort to set a positive example and leave a legacy of hope and goodwill for future generations.

Prof. Kateregga, who is also the co-founder of Kampala University, praised the late Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi, the founder of St. Lawrence University, for his visionary leadership in investing in the education sector.

He asked the government to recognize and acknowledge Prof. Mukiibi’s contribution to Uganda’s education sector.

While the Covid epidemic has established a new normal, St.Lawrence Institution will remain devoted to its goal of generating remarkable citizens, according to former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, who is currently the university chancellor.

“I implore you all to keep moving in this path for the best lighting of our candles and the lighting of our graduates’ candles.” “Only then will St.Lawrence University be relevant in terms of developing adaptation and mitigation solutions to existing and future difficulties,” Ssekandi stated.

Dr.Charles Masaba, the university’s Vice Chancellor, advises graduates to multitask as they enter the labor market.

“You are graduating at a time when the Covid epidemic has caused a significant setback in many sectors of life. Pandemics are unpredictably unpredictable events, necessitating the need to be prepared. “Being multi-tasked so that you can adjust with change” is one method to be prepared, according to Dr. Masaba.

“If you want to stay relevant in the job market, you need invest in future career-based education.”


During the graduation ceremony, the best as the institution awarded the best students, it was a moment of both tears and joy.

Sharon Auja, who had excelled as the best female student, couldn’t stop tears from streaming down her face after being asked a question.

Her mother, Seargent Martha Adeke, the Officer in Charge of Kireku Police Post under Kira Division, on the other hand, could not disguise her joy.

She was spotted sprinting towards her kid and ululating as she held her high.

While Searget Adeke was beaming with delight, her daughter Auja was fighting back tears of joy as they streamed down her cheeks.

Graduands from Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DRC, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Comoros, Eritrea, and Ethiopia attended the 12th graduation ceremony.


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