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South Sudan armed force to accompany Ugandan traders after ongoing killings by shooters

The Ugandan government has agreed with their partners from South Sudan for the last's military to accompany caravans of Ugandan brokers to Juba after the new dangerous assaults by shooters that left more than 10 dead.

As per the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem, there has been a commitment with his partner from South Sudan over the matter and an understanding has been reached.

“I talked to the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan and we have agreed that the South Sudanese government should make arrangements to escort our trucks from Elegu to Juba and from Juba to Elegu until such a time when the South Sudan army has totally dealt with the rebels that keep ambushing our merchants and vehicles on that route,” Oryem told the Nile Post in a phone interview on Wednesday morning.

He demanded that it was concurred during the commitment that this beginnings quickly and will possibly end when the course from Elegu to Juba has been gotten.

“Our travel advisory to Ugandans is that they should be cautious at the moment and wait for the road to be cleared by the South Sudanese army to allow them travel safely to Juba.”

The Episodes

Since a month ago, episodes of shooters ambushing tracks and brokers on the Elegu-Juba street have expanded.

On March 30, at any rate 10 individuals, five of the them Ugandans were executed during a trap by obscure shooters at Ganji along the Juba-Yei street though on April, 1, five individuals were trapped and consumed to death inside their trucks by obscure shooters on the Juba-Nimule street.

On April, 4, three trucks were trapped by shooters and eight brokers were shot dead among Ganti and Kulipa on the Yei-Juba street inside South Sudan.

The Ugandan government as of late raised profound worries with their partners from South Sudan over the dangerous assaults.

“The government of Uganda with deep shock and concern learnt of the killing of Ugandans in the Republic of South Sudan. The government of Uganda condemns in the strongest terms possible the reckless murder of Ugandans,” a statement by government last week read in part.

“Government of Uganda has appealed to the government of South Sudan to restore security along the routes from the Ugandan border points into Juba to facilitate safe movement of persons, goods and services.”

A week ago, the UPDF said it is intently checking the turns of events yet said they are weakened to offer any help since the occurrences are going on in another autonomous state where they have no ward to intercede.

The military representative, Brig Flavia Byekwaso anyway said the two governments are giving the matter carefully.

The South Sudan armed force has put the assaults on the National Salvation Front (NAS) revolts subsequent to having supposedly done comparative assaults on a similar street previously.

The South Sudan armed force agent spokesperson recently told the Voice of America that the radical gathering has abused the end of threats understanding the gathering endorsed with the public authority as of late.


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