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Somali leaders have been sanctioned by the US

More Somali leaders have been sanctioned by the US as a result of the delayed elections.Somali leaders have been sanctioned by the US

For harming Somalia’s democratic process, the US has raised the number of Somali officials subject to visa restrictions.

This comes after Somalia missed a deadline of 15 March to complete parliamentary elections that had been postponed for more than a year.

The officials’ names have not yet been revealed.

The election date has been extended till the end of the month in order to fill the remaining seats in the lower house.

The US embassy in Somalia praised the states of South West and Galmudug for finishing their parliamentary elections ahead of schedule, while criticizing other areas for being late.

The United States has stated that it will utilize visa restrictions and other mechanisms to encourage accountability and support the election’s conclusion.

There were also credible complaints of irregularities, harassment, and intimidation of media and opposition members, according to the statement.

For more than 50 years, Somalia has not staged a one-person-one-vote election.

MPs are currently chosen by delegates recruited by clan elders and representatives of civil society who are picked by regional state officials under the current system.

Following that, the MPs will elect a new president.

The current president’s term was set to expire last year, but it was prolonged due to election delays caused in part by his feud with the prime minister.


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