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Singer Bosmic Otim to Odonga Otto: Stop using Gen Lokech’s death to campaign

While he believes it's reasonable, Otim advises Otto to wait until Lokech's funeral is completed before campaigning on the "grave of the dead guy."

Former Aruu County Member of Parliament Odonga Otto has been chastised by Northern popstar Bosmic Otim for exploiting Maj Gen Paul Lokech’s death as a campaign weapon.

Bosmic accuses Otto of spreading messages pitying himself against Maj Gen Lokech as a persecuted and unfairly treated person using social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

While he believes it’s reasonable, Otim advises Otto to wait until Lokech’s funeral is completed before campaigning on the “grave of the dead guy.”

“Don’t go looking for votes under a dead man’s name. You are not the first or the last person to lose an election. Stop dragging the name of the late into your political efforts on social media,” Bosmic stated in an audio clip published on social media.

Following the death of Gen Paul Lokech, Otto sent a letter in which he alleged that the Deputy Inspector General of Police had politically “bruised” him by using his authority to consign him to a defeat in the previous elections.

On Lokech’s instructions, Otto was imprisoned, harassed, and threatened with death numerous times if he did not withdraw his candidacy against Christopher Komakech, claimed to be Lokech’s son.

Otto did, in fact, lose the election to Komakech and was temporarily detained before being freed on bail.

In reaction, Otto accused Gen Lokech of meddling in Aruu politics and employing security officers to determine the winner.

By the time Lokech died, Otto had won an election appeal in which he requested the Gulu High Court to declare Christopher Komakech’s win null and void due to irregularities.


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