Shocking details emerge about John Blaq and Visa Vybes leaked sex video

A video showing a man having sexual intercourse with an identified woman was spread by trolls on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday, 3rd July 2021.

The management team of Afrobeat singer John Kasadha better known as John Blaq has come out to deny the sex video which made rounds on social media over the weekend saying it was doctored and that their client isn’t the individual seen in it.

A video showing a man having sexual intercourse with an identified woman was spread by trolls on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday, 3rd July 2021.

In the video, a black man wearing sunglasses is seen having intercourse with a lady although this website couldn’t independently verify whether or not it was the actual singer John Blaq or Visa Vybes.

But on Monday morning statement, the singer’s management confirmed that it wasn’t John Blaq in the video.

“We can confirm that it is not John Blaq in the video,” the statement reads in part.

“Our client is equally disturbed by the video and says that despite the uncanny resemblance, he is not the one and can never be relegated to filming cheap videos in dinghy motels,” the statement further reads.

John Blaq

The management team revealed that they had already involved the Police to help them identify the malicious individuals who doctored the video and were involved in its spread.

Who’s Visa Vybes

Visa Vybes is currently busy giving interviews on television and radio stations clearing his name, denying being the man seen in a leaked tape which was at first said to be John Blaq in the video.

Visa Vybes

As he is busy pretending to be a good person and accusing John Blaq of trying to put him down, new details about him being a conman who has been earning from Blaq’s sweats have emerged.

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According to Ugandan promoter VJ Moon, Vybez pretended to be John Blaq and conned him when he hired (Blaq) to perform at a show in Ishaka.

“When I called, I heard John Blaq’s voice because he even had a Lusoga accent then I knew I was with the right Kasadha.

We were to meet in Mbarara during the day then proceed to the hotel where we were going to perform but he changed programs. He said I should go for them they weren’t stopping in Mbarara. They reached at 8 pm in the evening,” The promoter said.

“I told John Blaq to go on stage and when I saw him, he looked exactly like the real John Blaq. We even went to radios for interviews and he gave a ‘Capella then I comforted it was the real John Blaq,” He added.

Furthermore, Moon says that suspicions were raised by University students.

“He started performing but KIU (Kampala Islamic University) female students started doubting him, they started asking questions. His performance was okay except for one new song. The audience separated themselves, one said was saying it’s him another saying it wasn’t him.

“When he came from the stage we asked him to remove goggles and asked him ‘are you John Blaq’ he said ‘ I’m John Blaq ‘. So what saved us was checking John Blaq’s social media pages, at the same time this one was being held here, Blaq was going to perform somewhere else,” Moon said

Moon adds that police came and took them while the hotel owners demanding for shs20m for tarnishing their name.

On the other news, despite the fact that John Blaq denies his involvement in the leaked video, there is a screenshot making around on social media pinning the Jinja born being the one in the leaked tape.

More Evidence?

In the screenshot, anonymous says Blaq knows about the video. He alleges further that the leaked tape was recorded during a video shot where horny Blaq failed to control his ‘libido’ hence running to the nearby guesthouse to finish his problem.

More sources say that the singer allegedly was bonking a vixen who featured in one of his songs.

Creation, publication, distribution, and abetting of pornographic content is illegal according the Ugandan law. A person who produces or participates in the production of, or traffics in, publishes, broadcasts, procures, imports or exports or in any way abets pornography is liable, on conviction to a fine not exceeding 500 currency points or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both.


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