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Sheilah Gashumba’s ‘dark secrets’ are revealed by God’s Plan.

After dubbing Sheilah Gashumba’s current boyfriend Rickman a’snake’ for’stealing’ his girlfriend, Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan has now come out and revealed details about his ex-lover and threatened to damage her career by releasing more nasty secrets.

God’s Plan, who recently detailed how Rickman used to camp at his apartment, pretending to be his good friend while trying to take his sweetheart, threatened to spill additional details about his ex-lover and her new partner Rickman in a video published on his Snapchat account on Tuesday morning.

The former socialite also revealed more details, alleging that his ex-girlfriend Sheilah has been sleeping with other guys, some of whom are Ugandan celebrities.

He said that Sheilah had flings with Vinka’s baby daddy and slept with Eddy Kenzo in South Africa.

God’s Plan stated that his ex-lover is doing all in her power to smear his reputation, adding that Sheilah has paid people like Bad Black to spread false information about him, but he is willing to disclose the truth, which might put an end to her career.

He also claims that Rickman is a witch and that he has reliable evidence to back up his claim.

The following are screenshots from the Snapchat word war:


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