Sheilah Gashumba officially get’s rid of God’s Plan, covers tattoo with wings

After years of dating and balling, Sheilah Gashumba and Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan decided to call it a day in August 2020.

When love was sweet, Sheilah Gashumba had her lover God’s Plan allover her body; literally and physically. Well, not anymore.

Despite various attempts to make it work again, the two never really got their emotions to match until last month when they publicly split.

Their romance was filled with ups and downs, and so much action. It was a movie scene on several occasions – Bonnie and Clyde, innit?

Sheilah loved Marcus so much, she even tattooed his name on her body. Not on her legs or thighs but on her back where the whole world would see it.

Sadly, only herself could never predict that at one time, it would end in tears. She was so blinded by the love, the romance, and the money.

Gods Plan and Sheilah Gashumba

In tears it ended and for the former TV personality, she had to cover some tracks. The tattoo had to go.

In photos she shared on her Snapchat account, Sheilah Gashumba managed to cover the “God’s Plan” tattoo with big wings.

It’s the start of a new journey for her and not such a bad way to get rid of the past. It was never God’s plan, was it?


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