Sgt Ssebute of the UPDF challenges Tanzanian Mwalugo to a boxing match.

Sgt Abdul Sebute of the UPDF will defend his bantamweight title against Tanzanian champion Juma Mwalugo next month.

Ssebute will be vying for the Africa Boxing Union title in the fight, which will take place on April 8, 2022 at Bombo Sports Grounds.

Col. Dr. Kato Damian Abooki of the UPDF’s Chieftaincy of Education, Sports, and Culture addressed Ssebute on Monday, urging him to make the country shine.

“Make sure you earn the lead points to clear the way, and if you don’t get the 10 points to win the match, go for the knockout or fight till the contest is over,” Col. Dr.Kato said.

Col. Kato highlighted that the army’s mission is to not only defend the country in times of war, but also to nurture and develop talent, as well as to raise the country’s flag in all constructive ways.

Hussein Lubowa Babu, the Chief Executive Officer of Nara Promotionz, stated that the bout is being held in Bombo as a way of bringing it back to the grounds where Sgt Ssebute began his career.

Musa Ntege will defend his title against Imani Daudi Kawaya in the cruiser weight 86 kg 10 round bout on the same day.


Several undercard matches have been scheduled for the same day to keep fans entertained.

Moses Mutaka and Hamza Olum, both of the UPDF, will compete in the super feather weight (58 kg), while Moses Ssenyonjo will compete in the bantam weight against Safari Ryan Lawrence (52 kg).

Justine Okello (SFC) will compete in the lightweight category (64kg) against Zubairi Nadhomi, while Kabali Joseph will compete in the featherweight category against Katantazi Isaac (57 kg).

There will be four rounds in each of these contests.


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