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Select celebs are signed up for the new Walkers’ campaign by Johnnie Walker.

Johnnie Walker Uganda is going to launch a new campaign called “To the Ones Who,” according to our sources.

The new Walkers’ campaign aims to embrace the Johnnie Walker “Keep Walking” credo, a movement created to honor creatives throughout the continent who embody the term in their various skills and crafts.

According to a source, the brand has signed up some of Africa’s most prominent trend setters, industry luminaries, and creatives, including Ugandans, who have gone to great lengths to shake and mould culture in the many sectors and areas in which they operate.

The Pan African Campaign is led by a film that features an upbeat and bright ‘anthem’ that reflects the challenges of being non-conformist and forward-thinking, while also confronting negative stereotypes and displaying the perseverance of an average African teenager.

“In this montage, Johnnie Walker praises the perseverance of the youth who embrace Afro-optimism, while pushing them to step forward and Keep Walking,” the source said.

According to reports, Johnnie Walker Uganda has signed a number of Ugandan celebrities to serve as ambassadors for the Walkers’ Uganda campaign.

When contacted, Christine Kyokunda, UBL’s Scotch & Reserve Brand Manager, revealed that the company is launching a new campaign and that they’re working with a few chosen personalities to help spread the word across the country.

“It’s true; we’re launching a new campaign called ‘The Walkers.'” Its goal is to highlight the African youth’s resiliency. “It will be a fitting reflection of the shoes that young Africans walk in,” she added, adding that “Keep Walking” was developed to put a spring in their step as they embark into the unknown, choosing their own pathways and forging their own future.

Kyokunda revealed that they are working on this initiative with certain exceptional Ugandans, but remained tight-lipped about the specifics.

The Walkers are an adaption of the global ‘Keep Walking’ movement depiction in their stories, according to yokunda, from the convention-defying, non-conformist, cultural shapers across the creative sphere.

The ad, as well as the walkers, will be officially unveiled this Friday, March 25th at a premium site in Bugolobi, according to Kyokunda.


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