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Rwanda to Host 2022 World Circular Economy Forum in December, a first for Africa

In June 2022, a website for the World Circular Economy Forum will go live. In October 2022, the Forum's schedule will be made available.

June 23, 2022, Abidjan, Ivory Coast — In 2022, the World Circular Economy Forum will be held on African land for the first time, bringing together participants from all over the world to learn from the continent and the rest of the global south in order to create a more resilient and environmentally friendly global economy.

The Forum will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, from December 6–8.

The World Circular Economy Forum 2022 (WCEF2022) will showcase some of the greatest circular economy solutions available worldwide and look at how African and other firms may take advantage of new opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the shift to low-carbon and climate-resilient economies.

International experts, policymakers, and business leaders are anticipated to attend. 2017 saw the launch of the first Forum.

The hybrid-format event’s proceedings will be live-streamed on large screens in many African cities under the theme From Africa to the World to encourage widespread participation in the forum.

The format will allow for remote involvement in conversations concerning regional circular economy ideas and examples.

“Africa, which has the world’s youngest population, can play a significant part in the shift of the globe toward circularity. According to Rwanda’s Minister of Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, “Rwanda is thrilled to host the World Circular Economy Forum 2022, showcasing African leadership and dedication.”

The African Circular Economy Alliance’s co-chair and founding member is Rwanda.

The event will be co-hosted by the Rwandan government, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA), the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), and other international organizations.

As a result of the take-make-waste economic paradigm, the global south is anticipated to experience some of the most severe effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. Africa is where this is especially true.

Additionally, the continent is home to a young, energetic, and entrepreneurial populace. As a result, it is seen to have the potential and motive to take the lead in advancing the circular economy model and enhancing global resilience.

Africa, a developing continent, is important in increasing circularity. An excellent venue for showcasing innovative circular solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement is the WCEF2022.

In order to support this transformation as part of Africa’s Agenda 2063, the African Development Bank recently launched the Africa Circular Economy Facility with its partners, the Finnish government and the Nordic Development Fund, according to Dr. Kevin Kariuki, vice president for power, energy, climate change, and green growth at the African Development Bank.

Jyrki Katainen, president of Sitra, stated: “According to Sitra’s new study, initiatives for the circular economy can stop biodiversity loss worldwide and aid in its recovery. Circularity is essential to maintain precious resources in use as well as to

In June 2022, a website for the World Circular Economy Forum will go live. In October 2022, the Forum’s schedule will be made available.

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