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Ronald Mayinja makes another U-turn, releasing a song pleading for Museveni to step down.

Ronald Mayinja has released a new song in which he calls for President Museveni to step down.

Mayinja published “Akalulu Kako Mzee (the vote is yours, old man)” last year, which became the NRM presidential candidate’s 2021 campaign theme song, in which he urged the public to vote for President Museveni.

However, the singer has returned to the studios in what appears to be a U-turn, composing a new song calling for Museveni to step down.

Mayinja claims in a new song titled ‘Abantu Baaganye’ that he has been traveling the country preaching the Museveni gospel but has been faced with opposition and hatred.

Museveni’s marketing has been impossible, according to Mayinja, since people are tired of him and want someone else. His efforts have resulted in his becoming despised.

He claims that he is taking a risk by singing the song since it may cause him difficulty, but he feels compelled to tell the truth.

“I used to be a strong follower of your cause, and I’ve been traveling about preaching your message, but the people have resisted, and to be sure, they’ve loathed me for it.” Mayinja sung, “I ask you, mzee, to find ways to leave power because they have stated that they want another leader.”

People are tired of hospitals that don’t have drugs and roads that are only for a few people, according to Mayinja.

He goes on to say that Ugandans are living in terrible poverty, and that others have forced to flee to the Middle East to survive in difficult conditions.

Mayinja recorded a song in December 2020 in which he praised Museveni, claiming that he was superior than all previous leaders, including Obote and Amin.

According to Mayinja, the country has no one better than Museveni to showcase.


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