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ROMAN ABRAMOVICH’S Chelsea resolve will be put to the test.

This week, Abramovich is expected to receive up to three proposals for Chelsea, as investors expect the Russian tycoon to sell.

Hansjorg Wyss, a Swiss billionaire, has expressed interest in purchasing the club as part of a consortium, but claims that “Abramovich is now asking too much.”

As the Russia-Ukraine crisis continues to suck him in, potential suitors fear the tycoon may be eager to cash in his Blues chips.

Chelsea and people close to Abramovich have repeatedly denied that he had any plans to sell the club he purchased in 2003.

However, the tremendous scrutiny targeted at the billionaire in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has compelled Abramovich to relinquish leadership of the Blues on a day-to-day basis.

And this has emboldened potential purchasers to entice him into a low-cost agreement in order to recoup part of his investment.

Abramovich has given the club a £1.5 billion loan through his holding firm Fordstam, with no indication that he will ever demand return.

Previous proposals of up to £2.2 billion have been rejected outright.

According to reports, Abramovich is planning to sell his property in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens soon.

“I think we need to stand united, end of,” Labour MP Chris Bryant said in the House of Commons.

“However, the government has stated that it wants to censure members of the Duma and the Russian Federation Council, which is correct, but it has not been able to do so yet.”

“The EU has already sanctioned Alisher Usmanov (the Everton owner), but the UK has not yet done so.

“However, I expect he’ll be on a UK list soon, and Everton should already be cutting connections with him.”

“I believe Roman Abramovich is afraid of getting sanctioned, which is why he’s already planning to sell his property tomorrow, as well as another unit.”

“I’m concerned that we’re taking too long on these issues.”

Chelsea fans pleaded with Abramovich not to quit over the weekend, dubbing him the “greatest owner in club football.”

Though Abramovich’s brief remark enraged Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville, who called his actions “cowardly.”

In his pre-match news conference ahead of Wednesday’s FA Cup match against Luton Town, Blues manager Thomas Tuchel spoke passionately against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Listen, listen, listen, you have to stop, I’m not a politician,” he said when asked about the issue.

“You have to stop, honestly; I can only repeat it, and it hurts me to do so since I’ve never been in a war.”

“I feel horrible even talking about it since I’m incredibly fortunate – I sit here in peace.”

“I do my best, but you should stop asking me these questions since I don’t have any answers.”

Chelsea is under investigation after Abramovich ceded control of the club’s charitable foundation to the trustees.

The six trustees have yet to formally accept the transition, but discussions have already begun, with more meetings scheduled for this week.


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