REVEALED: “Why City Pastors are fighting me” – Pastor Ssenyonga

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has revealed that some city pastors are fighting him because he has been exposing their evil deeds.

Minister Jackson Ssenyonga has uncovered that some city ministers are battling him since he has been uncovering their shrewd deeds.

The Christian Life Church Ministries top leader in Makerere additionally proprietor of Top Media establishment (Top TV, Top Radio) has been on the bleeding edge of uncovering ministers he guarantees are ‘phony’. His proclaiming in chapel and on his media have declarations from devotees who share their encounters of being conned, blackmailed, or explicitly mishandled , sodomized by some enormous ministers in and around Kampala.

In his preachings, Ssenyonga consistently brings up conspicuous city ministers Ronnie Makabai, Aloysius Bugingo, Samuel Kakande and Robert Kayanja as his main foes. He says they are even after his life since he uncovered their wrongdoings.

Throughout the end of the week, Pastor Ssenyonga told his adherents that he had actually documented a protest to security about an endeavor to kill him, and that he had proof.

“I have passed this information to the security organs in Uganda. If something happens to me between now and a few weeks or a few months, those people I have told you about will be responsible.I have a recording. They have two strategies to kill me. I want them to hear and know that I know this already,” he asserted.

“I am telling you children of God and the whole country, if I die in an accident, in a shoot out, those people are responsible.”

He further affirmed that these ministers had lately collaborated, raised assets to concoct systems to counter his P5 crusade, which he uses to uncover them.

In one of the most recent brief snippets making adjusts via online media, Pastor Ssenyonga is heard compromising a one Pastor Moses Akampulira, one of the supposed assistants of his adversaries to yield and apologize his wrongdoings.

Ssenyonga revealed to Akampulira that he was being utilized by his foes to battle him however it was not going to end well for him.

“Those people are using you but what you should know is that if you don’t come out to apologize to me, just know its not going to end well for you. If you don’t apologise, I’m going to put you on the list of those criminals we are looking for. You lied about me and President Museveni. You said I ate the money President Museveni donated to you pastors from Luweero. But you know that’s not true, the president has never given me your money,” he said in the audio clip.

” I want you to come to my church and publicly apologise for the lies you said against me.I’m giving you just today, If you don’t do so , them wait to be dealt with by the law.”

The advancement comes when Ssenyonga is being blamed for swindling a large number of shillings from individual ministers.

Ministers hailing from Greater Luweero blame Ssenyonga and partners for conning them their well deserved cash through his ‘bye biwempe’ crusade.

The allegations, as per reports, tracing all the way back to 2005 when Ssenyonga supposedly tried to intercede, join evangelists and help them fabricate better places of God. That he likewise professed to organize them with patrons and top government authorities.

One of the ministers, Akampulira said ministers were asked sh20,000 each for enlistment. The minister says chapels were not worked till today.

In any case, as indicated by Ssenyonga, the reports were a sign that he is very nearly crushing ‘specialists of Satan in the congregation of God’, that he has been battling without holding back for the most recent decade.

“They have felt the fire. I am going to double it. I will not give up, I know the Lord will defeat these devil’s agents. They must stop the evil gospel, stop defiling under-age boys in the name of giving them more anointing.”

Ssenyonga says since he has taken them on throughout the long term, the phony ministers had ganged up and need to quiet him with malignant reports about him.

“None of what they are saying has an ounce of truth. I know the Lord shall defeat them and their agents,” he said, adding, “I am not surprised that fake preachers and pedophile pastors have ganged up to blackmail me,” Ssenyonga told a confidant. The source told this website that Pastor Ssenyonga told him that he expects such attacks now and then because he knows he is fighting a powerful force.

“I expected this to happen a long time ago,” he reportedly said. “Now, they are hiding behind unknown paid for social media accounts to fight me. I will not stop exposing them until they stop the deception, confess and turn to God.”


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