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Residents of Bududa live in constant fear of new landslides.

People in the Bududa district's landslide-prone districts live in constant terror of further landslides.

People in the Bududa district’s landslide-prone districts live in constant terror of further landslides.

The citizens of Bukalasi, Bundesi, Bubiita, Mabono, Bufuma, Bushiyi, and Busiriwa are terrified.

Bushika, Nalwanza, Bukibokolo, Bumayoka, Bumwalukani, and Nakatsi subcounties are also concerned.

The recent floods and severe rains accompanied by hailstones that happened on Thursday in the sub counties of Bundesi, Bukalasi, and Bubiita, among others, have affected over 500 dwellings. As a result of the district’s persistent rains, new fissures are forming in certain subcounties.

In 2010, a landslide in Bududa district was prompted by severe rains, resulting in the deaths of over 300 people, the recovery of 80 bodies, and the displacement of over 1,000 people in Nametsi parish in Bukalasi sub county.

The floods that ravaged Bukalasi sub county in 2018 took over 40 lives and displaced over 1,000 people.

In 2019, a landslide in Bushika sub-county claimed more than 30 lives, displacing hundreds of residents and burying cattle and other property.

Emmanuel Wamoto, a resident of Sume village and a survivor of the 2018 landslides, says they’ve been sleepingless nights since the rains started because they’re afraid of further landslides and floods, and they’re now staying with relatives after losing their homes in earlier landslides.

Bukalasi’s LC I chairperson, Edgar Nangoli When it rains, especially at night, locals in a village in Bukalasi sub county informed our reporter that it has become a culture to abandon their beds and stay awake till daylight.

Fears among residents, according to Nangoli, stem from multiple visible fissures in their villages. Residents are in fear for their life, according to Bosco Wanyenya, the Bundesi sub county LC V councilor. He cautions that unless something is done, people will likely be buried alive once more.

The Bundesi sub county chairperson, Francis Napoli, has warned citizens to remain on high alert at all times to avoid losing lives in the event of a landslide.

The chairman of the Bududa district LC5 committee, Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi, has appealed to the government to assist them, claiming that most people in those regions have lost their crops, cattle, and other valuables as a result of the recent floods on Thursday this week.

The opposition chief whip and Majiya county MP in Bududa district, John Baptist Nambeshe, blasted the administration for always being late in responding to calamities.

He stated that the government should respond quickly so that people do not perish as a result of prior landslides and floods.


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