Reaping The Benefits of The New Curriculum: Key Takeaways

The new curriculum's main goal is to produce secondary school graduates who can function in the twenty-first century.

The new curriculum’s main goal is to produce secondary school graduates who can function in the twenty-first century.
The secondary  curriculum’s principles.

We are confident that you completely understand the importance of moving from the “knowledge transmission mode” to

the “active learning” methodology, which encourages students to think critically and create

They draw their own inferences, work out issues, and form judgements.
To that purpose, the primary responsibility of the teacher under the new curriculum is to create a secondary school.

graduate with proficiency in 21st-century skills, one who upholds and practices
possesses good morals and attitudes and is a successful, accomplished lifetime learner.

He or she ought to be capable of making a beneficial difference in the neighborhood and the larger globe.

in a number of ways
The objective of this competency-based approach is to get learners ready to go on to the next level.

The same goals are emphasized in curriculum, namely the development of abilities for
discovery, investigation, and analysis to enable them to apply their knowledge
redress genuine issues.

On the other hand, the new curriculum addresses two learner profiles, including:
Somebody may discontinue along the road or not continue after Senior Four for a variety of reasons;
two: those who stay

Let’s take a different approach to this: Suppose that, for whatever motives (God forbid! ),
Some students, like Sen, quit school in order to support themselves.
If the answer to the question posed above is YES, it signifies that you (the teacher and the parent/guardian)
had success.

As a result, the new session offers them yet another chance to put their learning from the previous classes to use and further their development.

On the other hand, if we respond negatively or with any kind of skepticism, this creates a new situation.

the chance to ensure that we, as parents and educators, use our knowledge and expertise to make teaching and learning enjoyable and satisfying for the benefit of the


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