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Prudential Uganda and its partners will release a report on Prudential Best HR Practices.

Prudential Uganda and its partners are preparing to release the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey report, which will honor companies with exceptional HR practices.

PwC performed a three-month poll on the same topic between October and December of last year.

Prudential Assurance Uganda, in collaboration with Uganda Investment Authority, Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Federation of Uganda Employers, Human Capital International, and Brighter Monday, commissioned the Prudential Best HR Practices survey.

The purpose of the survey is to gather employee feedback on their company’s HR practices. Employees were asked to reply to questions grouped into 12 thematic areas in order to comment, rate, and assess their employers’ HR procedures and policies.

Arjun Mallik, Regional CEO, Prudential Eastern & Central Africa, commented on the survey’s findings, saying that collecting input from our people is one of the most high-impact initiatives that any organization can take.

“It instills respect, transparency, safety, and empowerment.” It necessitates humility in realizing that no organization or leader is flawless, as well as a desire to improve the environment and the way we work,” Malik explained.

“While this has always been true, the pandemic has highlighted the need of a healthy workplace.” It has raised awareness of crucial issues such as organizational resilience, hybrid working, virtual collaboration (its benefits and drawbacks), the importance of mental health promotion, digital transformation, diversity, equity, wellness, and inclusion,” Arjun added.

The survey’s findings reveal that many organizations have adjusted and adapted well to the challenges of combining humans and technology. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the workplace, every company’s employee well-being should be a top priority.

Based on the findings, another area of attention for businesses will be to foster a culture of connection, collaboration, and trust in the workplace, as a result of the new normal of hybrid physical and distant digital work, while ensuring that people are motivated to do their best job.

The results will be announced at a ceremony at the Kampala Serena Hotel on February 18, 2022.

Various subject areas will be recognized, including diversity and inclusion, communication and collaboration, employee wellness and well-being, quality and innovation, to name a few.

Nearly 2,000 employees from more than 500 organizations in Uganda took part in the poll.

PwC analyzed the survey results to provide valuable information to businesses and HR managers on the most compelling trends in the several theme areas at the heart of excellent human capital and talent management strategies for the future workplace.

PwC’s Country Senior Partner, Uthman Mayanja, explained that the data gathered from various organizations was subjected to a rigorous review process in order to produce useful data that will shape and inform improved employment practices in the country, particularly in the current environment of remote working and digital connectivity.

“The poll also included open-ended questions from which PwC gained insights into what stood out in each of the thematic areas from the employee’s perspective,” he explained.


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