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Impact of World Cup on Premier League Injury Report: Chelsea and Manchester United Among the Victims

According to the Howden’s 2022–23 European Football Injury Index, players in the Premier League missed eight more days of play due to injuries sustained at the World Cup in Qatar. The research also shows a significant rise in hamstring, ankle, and calf strains, which are probably related to the extra strain that elite players experience during the mid-season competition.

Manchester United and Nottingham Forest both had 69 injuries during the 2022–2023 season, which was a joint-highest amount. With missed days and pay of £40.07 million, Chelsea had the highest overall injury cost.

According to the analysis, due to the World Cup being in the middle of the season in October 2022, players missed an average of 11.35 days of play, as opposed to 19.41 days in January 2023, indicating the tournament’s considerable influence. The Premier League had a 23% drop in injuries overall, although players missed more time due to injury, most likely as a result of the winter World Cup.

The Premier League saw 946 injuries in all this season, compared to 1,231 the year before. Nonetheless, the mean length of injuries increased significantly, rising from 16.02 days to 23.62 days. With a total reported injury cost of £255.41 million, the season’s injury cost increased by £70.84 million over 2021–2022. In advance of the event in Saudi Arabia in 2034, this highlights the effects and financial burden that the winter World Cup puts on clubs.

The results highlight the difficulties that players encounter and strengthen the arguments for improved scheduling, more breaks, and an international calendar to lessen the physical strain on football players. In order to improve the synchronization of the domestic and international calendars and alleviate fixture congestion, the research intends to provide clubs and regulatory bodies useful information.

Impact of World Cup on Premier League Injury Report: Chelsea and Manchester United Among the Victims

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