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Premier League: Best and worst possible finish of the season

Seven Premier League teams will be playing in Europe next season in the Champions League, Europa League or the new Europa Conference League - but how high could your club finish... and how low could they go?

Manchester City are near the precarious edge of getting the Premier League title – however how high or low could your club finish this season?

Most clubs have just five games left to seal their destiny, however, on paper, 19 clubs are as yet trying for the title, to fit the bill for Europe or keep away from assignment.

Bazzup Sports Analysts have determined each club’s scope of conceivable last group positions and discovered just Sheffield United have nothing to play for other than pride during the rest of this season.

Actually, Manchester United and Leicester could take the crown from right in front of City if results turned out well for them in marvelous style, while each group down to eleventh set Aston Villa could, hypothetically, finish in the main four.

Wolves, Crystal Palace and Southampton could fit the bill for the Europa League or the Europa Conference League – but on the other hand are still in danger of transfer in case of complete capitulation and results contrived against them.

Newcastle and Brighton could in any case end the season in the top half, or drop to the Championship, while Fulham and West Brom actually can possibly complete in twelfth and thirteenth, separately.

What are the odds?

We have likewise reproduced each conceivable outcome from the leftover games and determined the probabilities of each club’s conceivable last positions.

The outcomes propose Manchester United have a 90-percent possibility of completing as other participants, while Leicester have a similar possibility of completing in the best four – however the last top-four spot gives off an impression of being among Chelsea and Liverpool.

How it functions

Each club’s assaulting and protective strength have been evaluated utilizing a normal objectives model, which estimates the nature of chances they make and permit.

These evaluations were then used to reproduce the remainder of the period multiple times to gauge the likelihood of each club completing in each alliance position.

Munititions stockpile have a 20-percent probability of completing in the base portion of the table without precedent for a very long time, while there are fine edges between Crystal Palace in twelfth and Brighton in seventeenth.

In any case, the chances truly are stacked against West Brom and Fulham. The Cottagers have a pitiful seven-percent possibility of endurance, yet the Baggies will require the best of breaks – assessed at simply 0.12 percent.


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