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Police officer sentenced for robbery of ivory

Amuria District, Uganda – A Police official Constable Emaru Samuel joined to Canine central command has been condemned to two years in jail subsequent to conceding to the offense of unlawful ownership of ensured species.

He was condemned mutually with one Levy Eliu, a laborer rancher of Opalangor town, Alere ward in Amuria District by Buganda street court boss Magistrate Miriam Okello Ago after they were captured with two bits of crude elephant ivory.

Buganda Road court boss justice Miriam Okello Ayo has clarified that the said discipline is to fill in as an impediment to the next would-be wrongdoers against executing secured species for monetary benefit since such demonstrations are widespread.

She further expressed that the said sentence is to help the convicts change.

Indictment says on March sixteenth, at Apoloros town in Kapelebyong District, the two previously possessed two entire bits of crude elephant Ivory gauging 43.2kgs without substantial untamed life utilize right.


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