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During a family vacation, Phil Foden was “engaged in a beach bar brawl with girlfriend.”

While on vacation with his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke, Manchester City striker Phil Foden was forced to leave a club by the water.

While spending the evening in a Corfu oceanside club with his longtime sweetheart Rebecca Cooke, the England international was caught by tourists participating in a severe column.

While on vacation with his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke, Manchester City striker Phil Foden was forced to leave a club by the water.

Before leaving a Corfu event ahead of other attendees and before they were led off the property, Foden’s accomplice was heard shouting, “Do you believe I’m a d*** head?”

After returning from a swim in the ocean, the England international and his companion took part in a heated column, leading him to believe that she is furious. As they are being driven out of the oceanside club by two bouncers, a video clip obtained by The Sun on Sunday shows Rebecca yelling at Foden.

Cooke should be visible pointing her finger both at Foden and toward where they were formerly sitting. At one phase, Cooke moves her head staggeringly near her beau’s prior to rehashing: “Do you believe I’m a d***head?”

Foden’s companion was then heard yelling: “No doubt I can’t help thinking about why, mate,” before pleading with him to “tell her ‘n’ all” when the City star didn’t respond as security directed the pair to the exit. They have two children together and were teen heartthrobs.

After arriving on Wednesday in an opulent van with their own security at Glyfada Beach in Corfu, Foden’s parents Phil senior and mother Claire were also present.

The attacking midfielder for City had previously been spotted posing for pictures with fans by the sea. In a later clip, Foden’s parents can also be seen departing the argument’s scene.

The Sun was informed by a source that the conflict involved a football player and his better half. She shouted and screamed. For the afternoon, they were the only ones present. Around the water there is where it all started. It was very extreme and forceful.

“When they arrived at the bar, she started yelling at him. This kind of thing doesn’t usually happen here. Another additional: “She was in front of him and Foden didn’t answer. They went without anyone else.

“At the point when we showed up he was going into the latrine so I requested an image and he told me, ‘No’, which I believed was a piece discourteous. We were sat on the patio and they were down around the ocean.

“They abruptly left after a period of about five minutes. She was moving in front of him and swearing a lot. It’s a luxurious spot too.”

As indicated by another source, Foden’s mom could be heard mumbling the way that she was “tired of the show”.


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