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Manchester United is warned by Pep Guardiola not to pursue Harry Kane.

The England captain has been named as Man United's top summer target.

The England captain has been named as Man United’s top summer target.

Pep Guardiola has forewarned Manchester United about their planned pursuit of Harry Kane in the transfer market, but the Manchester City boss has also gushed to Erik ten Hag about the benefits of signing the England captain this summer.

Ten Hag is getting ready to put Kane and Tottenham to the test when the transfer market reopens after United let Cristiano Ronaldo to leave mid-season while they waited to find a worthy successor. Guardiola is currently feeling a similar sensation.

City, of course, waited a year before acquiring Erling Haaland since they were unable to afford to get Kane in 2021. When any negotiations start, United will have to do what City failed to do: outmaneuver the ferocious negotiator and chairman of Tottenham, Daniel Levy, in the boardroom.

But two summers ago, the deck was stacked in his favor. Kane’s contract has one year remaining, but Tottenham hasn’t given him a championship.

Pep Guardiola, manager of City at the time, responded to a question about their well-publicized pursuit of Kane by saying, “We are interested in him, but if the Spurs refuse to deal, there is nothing we can do. All we can say is that we’ll try, if they want to. He represents Tottenham, so if they don’t want to bargain, he’s out.

“If they are willing to deal, Manchester City and every other team in the world want to sign him. It is, however, reliant on Tottenham.

A strong message to United, but even if the possible transfer fee exceeds £100 million, it might be a price worth paying.

Levy is surely analyzing the numbers, but if Tottenham chooses against selling, United may not be able to do much.

Guardiola seems to still be a major fan of Kane despite his unsuccessful bid to sign the forward. After Kane scored the game-winning goal in the Premier League match against City last month, Guardiola remarked of him: “We are extremely delighted with Erling, and I believe Tottenham are very pleased with Harry. What a great player—both in terms of quantity and, more importantly, quality.

“The lack of a title does not necessarily indicate that he is a bad player. He has, in my opinion, proven this. One of the best attackers I’ve ever seen is still Harry Kane.

A startling claim coming from a manager who has worked with players like Robert Lewandowski, Haaland, Sergio Aguero, and Lionel Messi, to mention a few. Despite some doubts, United is aware that they would be acquiring an outstanding striker if they manage to outwit Levy and sign their top target, which would help them advance under Ten Hag.


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