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Pastor from Mozambique perishes while undergoing a 40-day Jesus fast

A pastor in Mozambique lost his life while attempting to fast for 40 days in imitation of what the Bible says Christ did.

Francisco Barajah, founder of the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church, died in a hospital in the city of Beira, where he was taken in critical condition. He had dropped so much weight that he was unable to stand up after 25 days of going without food or water. His age was 39. He had been rushed to the hospital on the advice of his loved ones and supporters. Mr. Barajah was identified as having acute anemia and digestive organ failure. Serums were used to rehydrate him, and an effort was made to introduce liquid foods, but it was too late, and on Wednesday he passed away.

At the village of Messica in the central province of Manica, which borders Zimbabwe, the pastor also taught French.

Members of the Santa Trindade Church claimed that the pastor and his adherents frequently fasted, though not for such an extended period of time.

The preacher had fasted, according to his brother Marques Manuel Barajah, but he disputed the medical assessment of his demise. The reality was that my brother had low blood pressure, he claimed.

It’s not the first time such a terrible imitation of Christ’s forty-day fast in the wilderness as it’s written in Matthew’s Gospel has come to light.

According to local media, a Zimbabwean man passed away in 2015 after 30 days. A British coroner determined in 2006 that a woman passed away halfway through an analogous fast in London.


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