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Parliament celebrates late Dr. Paul Ssemogerere


PARLIAMENT. Legislators this afternoon paid their last respect to former Democratic Party President Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssewogerere who passed on early this week. 

Chairing the house, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Thomas Tayebwa led the law makers into the ceremony after Prime Minister Robina Nabanja passed a motion to pay tribute to the man who led the DP party for 25 years and contested for president in a double-show. 

“He tirelessly served this country and we all have a leaf to pick from his behavior. He was an illustrious politician who served with distinction in several positions of responsibility,”Ms Nabanja said.

Dr. Ssewogerere aged 90 years passed on November 18, 2022, at his home in Rubaga in the outskirts of the city center before being buried at his home….

After the motion was seconded by 

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa who presided over the Thursday afternoon session said the former DP leader, Dr. Ssemogerere never feared competition.

“Some of you colleagues are already crying that you have competitors in your constituencies but in politics you always have competition and if you utilize competition very well, it makes you better because it doesn’t allow you to sleep and in the end, the public benefits on both sides,” Mr. Tayebwa told MPs. 

Tayebwa commended the government and the opposition for working together to pay tribute to Dr. Ssemogerere who he described as a great statesman and said the action gave a good example to the nation.

“You have given a good example that on matters of national priority you can work together and that’s very important especially for the young generation.”

Tayebwa asked legislators to live a healthy lifestyle like Late Ssemogerere because he lived up to 90 years still looking good. 

“This means he lived a healthy life. We too can take good care of our bodies so that we are able to serve our people,” he said.

What they said…

Dr Richard Lumu (Mityana South), “Dr. Ssemogerere was a strong advocate of federalism as the only pathway to achieve balanced economic development in the country.He died thinking of federalism and thinking of when and how Uganda will one day gain a federal status,” he said, also praising the late Dr. Ssemogerere for a reconciliatory approach. Whatever he did in his capacity. He died fighting for the people of this country.”

Ms Rose Nantongo (Kyotera District), the only female DP MP in the 11th Parliament said; “Dr. Ssemogerere as a leader who derived his joy in mentoring the young generation.That is why many of the young leaders in parliament passed through his hands.”

Mr Medard Sseggona (Busiro East) said, “I thank the government for granting Dr. Ssemogerere state burial, saying he rightly deserved it.The deceased was a vanguard of democracy and rule of law even in circumstances of extreme disagreements.”

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