Pablo hosts Akon, Mufti Menk and Prince Kassim Nakibinge

While many Ugandans have been glorying in the fast run of holidays that have come at them, Pablo Bashir has never been busier

While many Ugandans have been glorying in the fast run of holidays that have come at them, Pablo Bashir has never been busier.

Pablo Bashir on duty during Ramadhan

Since musician Akon came to Uganda in April to pitch the idea of a city to President Yoweri Museveni, Next Media Services chief protocol officer has been continually on his feet. Pablo was tasked with shepherding Akon through the intricacies of Ugandan political and economic life as the wealthy musician considered where to set up Akon City.

Akon’s April 8 visit to Uganda would, of course, conclude with a private meeting with President Museveni that Pablo helped to set up, in part. Right after that important investment meeting, Pablo would be on hand to lead Akon to meet senior politicians among them Works minister General Katumba Wamala. The meeting was particularly interesting as many had noted the uncanny resemblance between General Katumba Wamala and Akon and some cheekily wondering if he was Akon’s real father?

But that was not the end of the strings Pablo would pull to ensure Akon had a memorable time in Uganda. There would be an appearance on NBS TV in an exclusive interview with journalist Canary Mugume.

NBS TV was the only television station Akon consented to grant an interview to in a country with nearly 20 stations. Keep in mind all were clamouring to have an interview with the musician best known for global hits like Locked Up, Lonely and Smack That. Pablo fully facilitated that.

Just as he was to for the visit of one of Africa’s most famous and respected religious leaders: Grand Mufti of Zimbabwe Ismail Musa Menk popularly known as Mufti Menk.

Mufti Menk was in the country upon the invitation of Kuuwe Umar, Executive Director Imnaq Social Development and Dawa and Pearl of Africa hotel.

During his visit, Mufti Menk who was in the country for his second time, took part in several activities that ranged from youth mentoring to charity works. Pablo was by his side throughout the eminent Mufti Menk’s stay. Mufti Menk would also meet President Museveni.

Mufti Menk with Bashir at departure

As Muslims wound down the Ramadhan holy month, Pablo just kept going. 2021 being the first year since religious heads could come together to mark the end of Ramadhan, Pablo’s services were needed more than ever. Especially since Next Media Services CEO Kin Kariisa needed to represent himself and organisation at Kibuli mosque.

Pablo was tasked with the modalities of organising the arrival and sitting of the VIPs who would be at Kibuli Mosque to celebrate the end of the Ramadhan holy month. Next Media CEO Kariisa would be just one of the dignitaries there.


The most important dignitary at Kibuli mosque on the day would be the titular head of Muslims in Uganda, Prince Kassim Nakibinge. The presence of Prince Nakibinge is always sure to cause excitement and sometimes abandon as Muslims in Uganda revere what he stands for. Pablo had to continually remind all guests that they have to observe COVID-19 social distancing SOPs for their safety.

This a duty Pablo takes seriously and ensured was observed throughout the prayers that welcomed the end of Ramadhan and prayed for the future of the nation.


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