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Otuke has been infected with swine fever.

A suspected African swine disease epidemic has killed over a hundred pigs in Otuke region in just three weeks. The instances have been reported in the sub-counties of Olilim and Ogwete.

The sickness begins with generalized body weakness and progresses to nasal dryness, bleeding, and a reduction in temperature, forcing the pigs to lie in the sun. The animal usually dies after a few days.

Geoffrey Onyanga of Abwonatango, Ogwete parish, Ogwete sub-county, has lost seven piglets. Onyanga is concerned that he would lose his last pigs, despite the fact that they are his only source of income.

George Ogwete, a resident of Adwari sub-county, is concerned that the rapidly spreading disease may reach his area and wipe off all of his livestock.

“I’ve seen animals die from the same sickness in other locations, but it hasn’t yet reached our area.” My pigs may not survive because the sickness is growing so quickly, and even if they are treated, they die within a few days.”

Patrick Akoko, a resident of Olilim municipal council’s Agwete Cell, has lost three pigs despite vaccination. He wants the government to provide better medicine and immunization information.

The Ogwete sub-county veterinary officer, Benson Omara, says his agency has received complaints from a number of sub-counties. Despite not being able to establish if it is swine disease, he claims to have written a report to the district.

“I vaccinated the animals while on the ground.” I’ve given the information to the district veterinary officer, but I want farmers to understand the importance of vaccinating their livestock. Some farmers, I know, refuse to vaccinate their livestock until the disease kills animals in their neighbors’ yards.”

He did, however, warn the farmers not to eat the pig carcasses, claiming that there could be an outbreak of an unknown disease in people.

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