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One person is killed when police apprehend a robbery gang

One person is killed when police apprehend a robbery gang caught on CCTV stealing an Ethiopian diplomat.

One person was killed as members of a gang seen on CCTV cameras stealing an Ethiopian diplomat in broad daylight were pursued by operatives from the Crime Intelligence Directorate and the Flying Squad Unit.

Dawit Kasa, an Ethiopian embassy diplomat, was attacked by a group riding boda bodas in a video that has since gone popular on social media.

Kasa, who was carrying a bag on a boda boda, was sandwiched by the group who intercepted the motorcycle he was riding and assaulted him on February 25,2022, at Price Charles Drive in Kololo.

While he sought refuge from neighboring boda bodas, he was attacked by them as well, and his bag containing shs2.8 million, laptop, and phones were stolen before the gang members jumped on their boda bodas and vanished into thin air.

However, a similar crime was reported last week along Buganda Road, according to Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, in which gang members robbed another victim.

According to him, police used the CCTV footage to carry out an operation based on intelligence leads, which resulted in the arrest of four people suspected of being involved in the two instances.

“Abdullamani Bakata alias Pancho, Nsubuga Emmanuel, Wanandya Agustine, and Muwanda Ivan have been named as the suspects. “They recovered 20 mobile phones, ATM cards, and IDs of different nations suspected of being looted” from their center of operations, according to Owoyesigyire.

One person was killed by a bullet.

One of the suspects tried to fight the officers during the arrest, according to Owoyesigyire, and was shot in the process.

“During the operation, the task teams also shot and killed one suspect known only as Alipanda.” Officers allegedly encountered significant resistance when arresting Alipanda, and one of the officers fired a bullet, wounding him.

On the route to Mulago hospital, he succumbed to his injuries. His body was then transported to Mulago City Mortuary, and investigations into the shooting incident have begun.”

Security had received information that the deceased had engaged in multiple robberies, including one along Buganda Road when shs7 million and other equipment were robbed, as well as another incidence of rape and robbery that occurred at a home in Kayunga, according to police.

“He also took part in a robbery at Mini Price, where he led a group to rob Abdallah Wanda of Shs16 million, as well as leading 17 suspects from Jinja CPS to flee from lawful custody.”

The group, according to Owoyesigyire, is large, and efforts to find additional members who are still on the run are ongoing.

The gang appears to be targeting foreign persons, based on police recoveries and instances in which they have been implicated.

The gang intercepts their victims and robs them clean after moving in a group of around five boda bodas, each with at least two occupants.

Members of gangs who work in a similar manner have previously been seen on CCTV cameras robbing members of the public, particularly foreign nationals, whom they appear to target and tail.

However, a number of the gang’s members have been apprehended and held in custody.


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