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NUP MPs teargassed Barbie Kyagulanyi and others in Nakaseke

Barbie told the journalists that she didn't understand why the cops were firing tear gas at them when they hadn't done anything wrong.

Barbie Kyagulanyi and National Unity Platform (NUP) MPs were shot and injured by police while delivering relief materials to young moms in Nakaseke.

Before they were stopped by police, NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi’s wife was on her way to Kikamulo health centre III in Nakaseke to present donations from her charitable organization, Caring Hearts Uganda.

Mama kits, bedsheets, delivery beds, and meals were among the items seized.

Kirumira Hassan (Katikamu South) and Ssekabira Denis were among the legislators that escorted Barbie Kyagulanyi (Katikamu North).

Barbie told the journalists that she didn’t understand why the cops were firing tear gas at them when they hadn’t done anything wrong.

“The babies and vulnerable mothers who were teargassed wounded me the most. They were seen cleaning the faces of the babies. Mrs Kyagulanyi stated, “Uganda belongs to the people of Uganda, not security personnel who can’t afford two meals a day.”

The incident was confirmed by Isah Semwogerere, the Police Spokesperson for the Savanna region.

Mrs Kyagulanyi and her team were urged to coordinate with the Nakaseke District Covid-19 Taskforce, but they refused, forcing police to disperse them, according to Semwogerere.

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“They refused to cooperate and instead rallied their supporters, who arrived in large numbers and invaded the medical facility, in violation of the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 guidelines,” Semwogerere stated.

“This prompted the employment of non-lethal crowd dispersal tactics, such as tear gas to disperse the crowds,” he continued.

“Allegations that two people were shot at are false,” he concluded.


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