NRM’s Andrew Oulanyah Takes Omoro County in Landslide Victory

Andrew Ojok received 14,224 votes, while National Unity Platform's Simon Toolit Aketcha received 1,633 votes.

Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, the flagbearer of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), defeated five other candidates to win the Omoro-County by-election.

Andrew Ojok received 14,224 votes, while National Unity Platform’s Simon Toolit Aketcha received 1,633 votes.

Odong Justine Obiya (FDC) received 529 votes, Terence Odongo (Independent) received 532 votes, Onen Jimmy (Independent) received 88 votes, and Kizza Oscar (ANT) received 63 votes.

Kagona Moses, the Omoro district returning officer, declared Oulanyah the winner around 10:15 p.m.

Ojok stated shortly after his victory that he is honored to carry on his late father’s unifying role.

“This is a significant victory, especially given the number of voters; it is a significant statement.” I’d like to thank all of the candidates who ran; they provided an alternative. I’d like to thank the party and the local leaders. “This election should bring us together; we need to come back together as Omoro leaders,” he said.

“Uganda, Omoro, Friends of JO, NRM, Parliament of Uganda, Campaign Team, and all people of goodwill, thank you for honoring his memory!” he continued. I’m moved! “Let’s get back to work.”

Earlier, the chairman of the Electoral Commission, Simon Byabakama, stated that the election was peaceful.

The NRM thanked the people of Omoro county on Instagram for entrusting Oulanyah’s son with the mandate of representing them.

“Thank you to the people of Omoro County for electing your son, Ojok Andrew Oulanyah, to represent you in the 11th Parliament.”
In your constituency, Andrew stands for continuity, reconciliation, unity, and the implementation of the NRM development agenda. Congratulations.”

Ojok is the son of Jacob Oulanyah, the late Speaker of Parliament and former MP of Omoro County, who died in March 2022.


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