NRM losers form association to combat electoral fraud.

Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement who ran and lost in previous party primary elections have created a group to prevent future'sham elections.'

The Action for Transformation and Sustainable Development organization also aims to assist members in recovering from their losses and planning for the 2026 election.

The temporary committee, lead by Muhereza Robert Mathias, a former Rubanda MP aspirant, is now on a countrywide tour to rally other losers.

The team’s first meeting took place in Mbale, where they met NRM losers from all throughout eastern Uganda.

Members also hope to attract the attention of party leaders who, in their opinion, have been neglecting them.

“They’ve never phoned us just to console us,” says the narrator. Former Mbale Woman MP candidate Jalia Namasaba

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“We need to meet so that these apologize for what transpired during the primaries,” Richard Michael Nataka, a Bubulo West MP candidate, said.

“We love this party, but does the party love us?” wondered Omoding Peterson of Bukedea. “There are people who don’t even love the party, but they just take advantage of the situation and before you know it, they’re currying the NRM flag,” he added.

The members also expressed their disappointment with the party’s silence on the disarray that characterized the party primaries in October 2020, which they lost.

Some of the party’s cadres regret paying the Shs2 million nomination fee, claiming that the money was wasted.

They now want their party leaders to fill in the gaps so that by 2026, the ground will be level.

“It’s as if we gave the party 2 million shillings but got nothing in return.” “It’s just that you handle your disorder, and the confusion puts you in the situation,” Omoding explained.

“If we want to go to parliament and there are no reforms, will we be able to contest under the NRM or will we have jumped ship?” he added.

“We need to influence changes in the party’s electoral system, because if you were given the choice to stand as an independent based on past experience, most of us would opt not to go to the primaries again, and that risk must be seen,” said former Bubulo West MP aspirant Richard Michael Nataka, adding that “it’s like whoever has a mafia-style of participating in an election takes the day.”

Following the Mbale meeting, the team will go to northern Uganda, where they will have a similar meeting.

In the NM primaries, almost 2000 candidates were defeated, compared to 300 elected MPs.


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