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Norbert Mao, government gave the NUP Shs3.1 billion, but they never mention it.

Norbert Mao, the president of the Democratic Party (DP), has accused the National Unity Platform (NUP) of collecting Shs3.1 billion in government subsidies while acting as if they did not.

According to Mao, the money was given to NUP by the Inter-party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) to help the party’s political efforts.

Mao’s claims follow the NUP’s recent stance on the IPOD, in which the party claimed that it would refuse funding from the platform as long as Museveni continued to utilize it to legitimize his ‘gun rule.’

“For the record, NUP rejected to join IPOD for the reasons outlined, and has refused to take any assistance from them.” We are aware of the cash provided to political parties under IPOD, but we have denied them all as long as Museveni continues to use it to legitimize his unlawful gun dictatorship,” NUP stated in December 2021.

The ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), has also been accused of turning IPOD into a platform where party leaders congregate for a cup of tea and a picture opportunity.

Despite the fact that some opposition leaders oppose the IPOD agenda, Mao claims that the platform has produced positive achievements that the’mockers’ never mention.

“Many kidnapped, detained, and tortured activists were released as a result of some of us in IPOD’s pointless picture ops, tea drinking, and boot licking. Furthermore, financing for political parties with MPs has been more than tripled. Some people eat meat. “Others are eating soup!” Mao declared.

He advised opposition political party leaders to take a page from Tanzanian leaders, who believe in dialogue as a means of resolving political issues.

“While some in Uganda’s so-called opposition say it is improper to sit down and talk with the leader of a regime that has tormented you, here is Tanzania’s opposition leader, who has been shot dozens of times, rigged, and his party rigged but still believes in negotiations,”

Uganda, Mao feels, would be a far better place if opposition leaders talked to each other rather than about each other.

“We shall release a statement and answer to all points expressed by different actors,” NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubogonya stated in response to Mao’s comments.


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