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Nigerian Government extends NIN-SIM registration deadline to May 6

The Federal Government of Nigeria has stretched out the cutoff time for Nigerians to interface their National Identification Numbers (NINs) to their SIM cards by one month to May sixth.

The move by the Nigerian Federal Government for residents to acquire the NIN and connection them with their SIM cards was first reported in mid-December 2020. A fourteen day duration was endorsed for the activity, yet after unmistakably the time window was deficient, the Federal Government stretched out it to February, and afterward further pushed it to April sixth.

The endorsement to broaden the time of the NIN-SIM linkage was given at the gathering of the Ministerial Task Force on NIN-SIM information linkage hung on Thursday in Abuja. The expansion explanation referenced that more than 51 million individuals presently have their NINs with a critical expansion in the month to month enrolments.

“Based on the updates of the NIN-registration process, over 51 million people have been assigned NINs. There are many people who have enrolled and are in the process of being assigned NINs. With each individual having an average of three to four SIMs, the total number of SIMs tied to NINs would be close to the total number of registered SIMs in the country. The current number of monthly enrollments has increased significantly to about 2.6 million registrations.

There has likewise been a noteworthy expansion in the quantity of enrolment focuses the nation over with around 3,800 focuses accessible for enlistments. There are additionally a lot more new focuses in the pipeline,” the assertion said.

The Implications

This expansion gives more opportunity to residents to play out this activity, however it additionally suggests that great many Nigerians whose wellspring of living relies upon SIM enrollment would need to trust that business will continue as ordinary.

Previously, there have been calls and even claims against the Nigerian government to either reexamine how it is approaching the NIN acquirement measure or suspend the activity completely. As at January, there were 47.8 million new endorsers with NINs, while 21 million supporters were yet to acquire their NIN.

After two months, more than 51 million endorsers have their NINs connected to their SIM cards. Will the excess 17 million endorsers complete theirs inside one month going on like this?

The truth will surface eventually, as in Nigeria, getting any acknowledged methods for distinguishing proof can be troublesome. It’s an issue the public authority has been attempting to tackle since 1986.

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