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Nambooze accuses the government of ignoring opposition leaders’ safety.

"An unidentified man invaded my bedroom and told me to say my last prayer because he was come to kill me," she stated.

Betty Nambooze Bakireke, a Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, has blamed the government’s failure to safeguard opposition lawmakers for the recent invasion of her home by unidentified machete attackers.

Despite being on a list of those targeted for assassination, Nambooze claims she has never received security protection. “There have been lists circulating with my name on them of people who will be killed…. “I have never received any security detail to protect me from the would-be killers as one of the people on the list,” she said on Tuesday.

Unidentified machete-wielding attackers forced their way into Nambooze’s home in Nakabago cell, Ntawo ward, Mukono municipality, in the early hours of Tuesday morning and threatened to kill her.

“An unidentified man invaded my bedroom and told me to say my last prayer because he was come to kill me,” she stated.

If the attackers’ goal was to intimidate and fear her, they were successful, according to Nambooze, because she eventually resigned to fate.

“The man entered our bedroom as my husband was praying in the living room. He told me I had to kneel and say my last prayer before he could kill me since it was his mission,” she explained.

According to family members, three assailants wearing dark jackets and wielding machetes entered their compound around 5 a.m. One of the assailants was spotted waiting beside the motorcycle, while the other stood guard at the gate.

“They came with pangas,” the source said on condition of anonymity, “which they left behind after a serious confrontation between Nambooze’s husband and one of the assailants.”

The assailants could have waited for Nambooze’s guard to leave before gaining access to the house, according to Robert Namugira, who had come to meet the politician for official business.

He explained, “The automobile that Nambooze was scheduled to take to travel to Kampala for the shadow meeting was already in the driveway.” Security cameras, which might have assisted in the identification of the suspects, are not present in the legislator’s office.

Our correspondent also noticed two fresh new pangas dumped towards the end of the fence in a green sack. The compound was cordoned off by police while they searched for information that could lead them to the perpetrators.

The raid is being investigated, according to Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire. “The incident at Hon. Betty Nambooze’s home is being investigated by the territory police,” Oweyesigire stated.

“Two brand new pangas were uncovered from the fence near a tomato garden to the legislator’s residence,” the report continued.


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