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Muslims have being exhorted to protect the environment.

Dr Yahya Barirega Akankwasa, the executive director of the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), has exhorted Muslims to conserve the environment, adding that it is Allah’s command, not a question of choice.

He said this while speaking to Muslims at the Old Kampala Mosque as part of the Green Friday campaign, which takes place on the second Friday of Ramadhan.

According to Akankwasa, woods covered 45 percent of Uganda’s land surface in 1900, but that number has subsequently dropped to 12.4%.

He claims that Uganda lost 4.9 million hectares of forest between 1900 and 1990, and that the country has lost 9% of its forest cover every year after 1990.

“That shows we aren’t following the Quran and Sunnah teachings underlined by the Imam of the day, Sheikh Imran Ssali, in his sermon, since if we were, we wouldn’t be losing our forest cover,” he stated.

To avoid such disasters, he advocated for a change.

“If we don’t fix this, we’ll have floods, our water bodies will be badly polluted, and our home and commercial water supply will be eroded,” he warned.

He mentioned increased flu and cough cases in the country, as well as drought in Somalia and calamities in other regions of the country, as reasons for Muslims to avoid environmental corruption.


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