Muslim convert Geosteady reveals how he’s going to handle women temptations during Ramadhan

The singer who converted to Islam recently after parting ways his his long-time girlfriend Prima Kardashi, is currently one of the few Muslim musicians observing the holy month.

Singer George William Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady has opened up on how he’s going to handle the women problem in his life during this holy month of Ramadhan.

And being that this is his first Ramadhan, where every believer is expected to remain clean and pure, the singer was asked during an interview with a local media channel on how he will handle women temptations throughout the holy month.

In response, Geosteady said, “I have seen countless women and I can assure my fans that nothing can stop me from fasting this Ramadan. I am determined to do so and not even food can keep me away from Allah.”

Days after converting to Islam, the singer said that although his new religion allows him to marry four women, he isn’t planning to marry more than one.

“I loved this since birth and if you all didn’t know, I was a Muslim even at birth named Kigozi Hassan and that’s my birth certificate. It’s a long story to tell but all go for what you want. You consider a lot before you choose what you want. I don’t think my conversation to Islam is a woman or the 4 wives noooo.”


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