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Museveni: We Are Hunting Real Authors of Terrorism Schemes in DR Congo

President Museveni has said that the hunt for Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels has been intensified by security forces.

“Again, congratulations to the security forces for the recent capture of Njovu, the suspected leader of the ADF group of 10 that killed the two tourists and their Ugandan driver, killed the children of Lubiriha School, burnt the onions truck and tried, unsuccessfully, to attack the parked trucks in Kasiindi, on the Congo side of the Border,” he said in a statement on Thursday. 

According to the president, Njovu was injured and captured and three of his group were killed – one at Kasiindi and two in the water, aboard a boat in Lake Edward. 

“I also, again, congratulate the security forces on the arrest of the four suspects in the killing of Joan Kagezi, the Prosecutor. The hunt to wipe out the ADF is being intensified.” 

Museveni further thanked the Congo Government for allowing Uganda to help them eliminate these criminals from Eastern Congo. 

“In their ignorance, the ADF terrorists, thought the Congo forests, were heaven where the Security Forces could not reach.  Following the devastating attacks by the UPDF ever since November 2021, they have now discovered that actually the forests are death traps.  Hence, small groups are trying to re-enter Uganda and commit acts of terror in the vain hope that we shall withdraw from Congo.”

He added: “We will not.  Instead, we are re-enforcing our strength there and also guarding the rear. Within Uganda, the security forces are guarding the pre-prepared public functions like the controversial Nyege Nyege, the Kyabazinga wedding, etc.”

Museveni advised the Wanainchi to be vigilant in the villages, the churches, the markets, public transport, etc. 

“The infiltrators are few and with vigilance, they will be captured.  Meanwhile, we are intensifying the hunt for the real authors of the terrorism schemes in Congo. They will be wiped out if they do not surrender.”

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