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Museveni: Specialists should clarify more about Archbishop Lwanga’s death

President Museveni has said that individual specialists (doctors) to the expired Kampala Archbishop, Dr. Cyprian Lwanga should clarify more about the Ischemic coronary illness that slaughtered the prelate.

President Museveni has said that individual specialists to the perished Kampala Archbishop, Dr. Cyprian Lwanga should clarify more about the Ischemic coronary illness that executed the prelate.

An after death report completed by Mulago public reference emergency clinic has demonstrated that the late Lwanga kicked the bucket of a coronary episode brought about by a blood coagulation.

“This means a heart attack that is due to a blood clot that was found inside the artery that supplies blood to the heart,” Dr.Ssekitooleko said.

“When this happens, it takes three to five minutes for one to die.”

Talking during a capacity to grieve the expired prelate, Museveni said he was stunned by the demise, adding that specialists need to clarify more about the sickness and resulting passing.

“It was a shock when I heard that he had died. I inquired then spoke to the police surgeon who was involved in the post-mortem. I think these doctors at a time must start explaining to the audience. I am told the condition that killed him is well known. I asked my doctor (Diana) Atwine that if the condition is well known, what do you do about it,”Museveni said.

“Although we say that God has called us, I want our people to stay here as long as possible. Doctors should explain in detail some of these things. There is what they call the ECG(electrocardiogram) test.It may see muscles of the heart but may not see properly where fats block the heart, there is another machine called Echo which detects such, so I asked why they did not do it,” he added.

Coronavirus still an issue

The president repeated that even for this situation when Ugandans are grieving a well known and adored individual like Archbishop Lwanga, memorial services ought to be coordinated with wellbeing rules to try not to put more people in danger of COVID-19.

“I organised this funeral because here I am in control, I have called few people, I appeal to all people concerned, covid-19 is serious, many people have not been vaccinated and there is a new variant,” he said

“I appeal to those involved when organising funerals not to risk more people. It cannot be correct that while you mourn someone you risk more people.”

The President called upon the assembly to follow Lwanga’s good news of affection.

“Just like Lwanga always preached, love one another, those are the best words in the bible and I have also learnt to use them. “I always fight with love. If I did not fight with love, I could cause a lot of problems. I’m capable of causing a lot of problems. I have all the powers. But I fight with love.”

Kiyinda-Mityana bishopric Bishop Joseph Anthony acclaimed President Museveni and government for getting sorted out a particularly significant occasion for Archbishop Lwanga.

He singled out Museveni who settled on an underlying telephone decision before anybody, to sympathize with him and the congregation.

“I received a phone call from H.E Yoweri Museveni and he spoke a few words. In Luganda he said; Ssebo nga kitalo. I received another phone call from the Prime Minister who said the government would be holding an event to eulogize the Archbishop here. I thank President Museveni and the government,” Bishop Zziwa said.

He said as individuals of altruism, we should wash away our tears and appeal to god for strength and mental fortitude to continue to proceed onward our journey to where Archbishop has proceeded to have met his ruler and gotten his award.


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