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Museveni is urged by the FDC to safeguard the people of Karamoja.

President Museveni has been chastised by the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) for failing to protect the people of the Karamoja sub-region.

The comments come as a result of rising insecurity blamed on livestock rustlers from the Karamoja sub-region, South Sudan, and Turkana in Kenya, where many innocent lives have been lost as the situation in the region has deteriorated.

FDC deputy spokesperson John Kikonyogo, speaking to the media at the party’s headquarters in Kampala, stated that the president doesn’t care about Ugandans.

“We insist that instead of sending our forces to the Democratic Republic of Congo and other foreign missions, Mr Museveni should consider defending Ugandans.” Intergovernmental efforts will be used to provide security across borders in order to prevent intrusions.

He proposed that providing security within Karamoja to prevent winter-clan raids, as well as training and arming home-based teams to defend vulnerable communities, would benefit the populace in overcoming the current crisis.

“Providing Karamoja with alternative livelihood opportunities in order to lessen reliance on inefficient nomadic livestock grazing practices.” Investigate and punish those who are responsible for raids within the army and police. Truck-based restrictions on cattle movement from mapped-out zones,” Kikonyogo explained.

He said that a team lead by their president, Patrick Amuriat, is looking into tales of shady cattle traffickers and rogue UPDF officers supporting inter and intra-Karamoja operations to buy stolen animals cheaply.

Several people have reportedly died and hundreds have been displaced in recent weeks as a result of attacks by suspected cattle rustlers.


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