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Museveni is courting French businessmen.

President Museveni has asked France’s government and business leaders to engage in Uganda’s infrastructure, commerce, and mineral development, among other areas.

Despite the fact that Africa and Europe have created many links in various areas, including governance, over the previous 600 years, the latter has not completely invested in sectors that can economically alter the continent, according to the President.

“They don’t have the vision to notice chances and take advantage of them,” he explained.

Mr Museveni mentioned the Chinese, who he claims are interested in identifying many growth potential in Uganda, particularly in the area of infrastructure development.

He stated that Africa’s resources are underutilized due to sectarianism and the promotion of identity over people’s interests.

On Tuesday, the President made the statements during a meeting at State House Entebbe with a group from France led by Mr Jules-Armand Niambossou, the French ambassador to Uganda.

Mr. Remy Rioux, the chief executive officer of the French Agence Française de Développement Group, and Mr. Hatem Chakroun, the head of the French Agency for Development in Uganda, were also part of the trip.

The President and his guests discussed a variety of topics related to deepening Uganda’s partnership with France.

Mr Museveni, for example, stated that cow keepers in his home area produce milk, beef, and matooke.

“They don’t buy their products because they have similar things; instead, people in Kampala buy their products, and they, in turn, buy goods from Kampala, such as garments,” he explained.

Mr Museveni claimed that prioritizing one’s identity over one’s interests hampered wealth creation since markets for their products would be scarce.

The surplus in Uganda

According to the President, Uganda produces surplus maize and sugar, among other commodities, which are consumed by other nations, generating income through exportation.

In terms of security, the President stated that Uganda has played a significant role in combating terrorists in the region and is also supporting regional trade by developing highways in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda is investing in sustaining peace and increasing trade, according to Mr Museveni, and has built highways to the DR Congo and South Sudan’s borders.

“There are terrible roads in Congo, which the Ugandan government is striving to improve. It would be ideal if your government backed him up on this,” he remarked.

President Museveni urged the French government to support Uganda’s environmental conservation efforts by instructing farmers to avoid cultivating in swamps.

Mr Chakroun thanked the President for his excellent speech and asked for the bilateral partnership between Uganda and France to be strengthened.

He said France is striving to address the issue of environmental degradation by rice farmers in the Senegal River basin, which has resulted in soil depletion, and that Uganda has a similar problem that can be addressed.

Mr. Hatem explained that they are on a regional mission and requested advice from the President on regional integration in the Great Lakes region.

The President responded by citing significant blocks such as the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), and the East African Community (EAC). In addition, he mentioned the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA).



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