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Museveni and the Russian ambassador had a meeting.

President Yoweri Museveni met with Vladlen Semivolos, the Russian Ambassador to Uganda, according to State House.

On Thursday afternoon, Museveni tweeted, “We addressed subjects of mutual interest.”

The State House hasn’t revealed much about the meeting, although it’s been reported that the two leaders addressed subjects of “common interest.”

The development comes just hours after Uganda, along with 34 other nations, abstained from voting at the United Nations on a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a special session of the United Nations General Assembly, 141 of the 193 member states voted in favor of a resolution condemning Russia, while five voted against it.

Since the invasion, Uganda has maintained a neutral stance.

President Museveni has not made an official statement on the topic, and neither has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Uganda, like many other African countries caught in the crossfire between the West and the Balkan states, has benefited greatly from Russia’s assistance.

Uganda’s connections with Russia have grown in recent years, as many observers perceive the East African country’s loyalty shifting away from the West and toward Russia and China.

President Museveni was one of a select group of African leaders invited to the first-ever Russia-Africa summit in Sochi, Russia, in 2019.

Museveni praised Russia for always supporting Uganda’s development on the margins of the conference.

“Russia and Uganda are cooperating extremely effectively in the fields of defense and security, with Uganda purchasing high-quality Russian equipment, including airplanes,” Museveni added.

He told Putin that the two countries’ ties date back to the African continent’s struggle for independence, when Russia and China backed Africans in their quest for independence.

Museveni stated that the friendship has evolved over time and that the Russia-China meeting was long overdue.

“It will improve Africa-Russia commerce and bilateral relations.” “We are working on constructing workshops for the maintenance and overhaul of Russian-supplied equipment, such as aircraft, which will significantly cut prices,” Museveni stated.

Putin responded by telling Museveni that he saw opportunities for collaboration between Russia and Uganda in areas such as construction and cyber security, among other areas.

“We also see opportunities for collaboration in building, information technology development and cybersecurity, agriculture, medicine and pharmaceutics, telecommunications, helicopter operation and maintenance, and environment,” Putin said.


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