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Mum gives birth to UK’s third biggest baby

Mum gives birth to UK’s third biggest baby weighing more than 6kg with tot so large it took 2 nurses to pull him out

A MUM has given birth to a newborn boy who is over a STONE in weight.

Cherral Mitchell, 31, needed two midwives to deliver huge Alpha, who weighed a whopping 6.77kg and is thought to be the UK’s third largest infant.

Because of his enormous girth, he’s been dubbed ‘Baby Hippo’ and ‘Butter Bean.’

The huge tiny one, too, was a pleasant surprise.

Despite Cherral having the contraceptive coil before conceiving with electrical engineer spouse Tyson, 35, Alpha was born.

Cherral, who is the mother of three other children, said: “We didn’t expect him to grow up to be so huge.

“When his head emerged, everyone burst out laughing. ‘Oh my God, he’s chunky,’ said my husband Tyson.

“Two nurses were pulling on him, one of them was attempting to force him down in order to free him.

“The nurses were on their phones, Googling, and saying it had to be the biggest baby.

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“Being so close to Halloween, he’s a bit of a pumpkin baby.”

Alpha weighed a whopping 14lb 15oz

Alpha weighed a whopping 6.35kg Credit: SWNS

Proud parents Cherral and Tyson Mitchell

Proud parents Cherral and Tyson Mitchell Credit: SWNS

Alpha, who was delivered on October 28th at 38 weeks, is thought to be the UK’s third-largest infant.

6.80kg is the current record holder. Guy Carr was born in the year 1992.

George King, who was born in Gloucester in 2013, is in second place with a weight of 6.803kg

A baby born in the United Kingdom weighs on average 3.17kg for boys and 3.175kg for girls.

Alpha’s proportions have been attributed to a sweet tooth by doctors, who believe he was munching on Cherral’s sugary fluids while in the womb.

Cherral, from Oxfordshire’s Thame, said: “They believe Alpha was present in sweeter amniotic fluid because I was identified with gestational diabetes late.

“As a result, he was drinking a lot, peeing a lot, and consuming a lot of sweets.”


Alpha was projected to weigh 4.99kg at 37 weeks during a scan, but he ballooned by three pounds before being delivered by C-section a week later at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

a mother who stays at home with her children Cherral explained: “I didn’t know where he was hiding because my tummy was large but not gigantic.

“I’m always claiming to have given birth to a baby butter bean. My uncle Jason refers to him as a young hippo.”

Cherral already has a three-year-old son, Lyon, and two-year-old daughters, Rogue-Angel and Twyla Bay, but Alpha is by far the eldest.

“All of my other children were normal,” she claimed.

Alpha is currently in the newborn intensive care unit, where he is being closely examined by neonatal nurses, but he is “on the mend.”

Alpha was born on October 28

Alpha was born on October 28 Credit: SWNS

The tot's parents have nicknamed him 'Baby Hippo' and 'Butter Bean'

The tot’s parents have nicknamed him ‘Baby Hippo’ and ‘Butter Bean’ Credit: SWNS

He is recovering in NICU

He is recovering in NICU Credit: SWNS

Alpha was a surprise as his mum had the contraceptive coil fitted

Alpha was a surprise as his mum had the contraceptive coil fitted


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