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Mulwana and BMK are praised by Museveni for showing Ugandans how to create money.

President Museveni has praised James Mulwana and Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, popularly known as BMK, for teaching Ugandans how to make money.

President Museveni has praised James Mulwana and Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, popularly known as BMK, for teaching Ugandans how to make money.

Mulwana, the Mulwana Group of Companies’ group chairman and CEO, died in 2013. The Mulwana Group of Companies is a varied commercial conglomerate with holdings in dairy farming, plastics, manufacturing, and real estate.

Jesa dairy products, Uganda Batteries Limited, and Nice House of Plastics were all founded by him.

BMK, on the other hand, was the brains behind Hotel Africana in Kampala, Moroto, and other regions of the African continent in the hotel sector. He died last month.

President Museveni said the slain businesspeople saw an opportunity to produce wealth where others never imagined it, despite never having been in politics, during the 59th Independence Day celebrations at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Saturday.

“Mulwana was continually raising money for the NRM because he knew that only that force could guarantee peace in Uganda and make it safe for business,” Museveni remarked.

“It also contained private-sector-friendly rules, such as the export prohibition we imposed on used batteries, which Mulwana requested I do for his company so that he could recycle the batteries.”

When asked about BMK, the president responded that despite not having business in Kasese, he was concerned about what was happening to the animals in the game park.

“I went to Hotel Africana for a meeting once.” Burahimu Kibirige had apprehensions. When I asked him what the issue was, he explained it to me. The issue was that Basongora herders in Kasese had poisoned and killed lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park as a form of retaliation for lions devouring their cattle. Kibirige was concerned that such an act might harm tourism, according to the president.

“His interests were national, and his investments were national, and even Pan-Africanist, according to what I’ve heard. He recognized the value of Uganda and Africa.”

According to Museveni, the two deceased businessmen, as supporters of wealth creation, backed efforts to maintain a peaceful country, which would assure the success of their companies.


He said the government has now established Emyooga and parish development model initiatives geared at assuring wealth generation, and he urged Ugandans to embrace them.


“With proper enterprise selection, these strategies aim to transition the remaining 39% of homesteads from subsistence farming to commercial farming and other money-generating enterprises.” They must all join the ranks of those who create money. It will improve our politics, homestead incomes, purchasing power for goods and services generated by our factories, create a larger tax base, more jobs for the kids, and the ability to support the places of worship and political players of our choice,” he stated.


“Let everyone embrace wealth creation, as well as the values and techniques that support it, such as patriotism, pan-Africanism, social-economic transformation, and democracy, while avoiding sloth, dependency, and parasitism.”


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