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Mukono launches a campaign against child labor and arrests 40 minors.

In an ongoing operation geared at ensuring that youngstar return to school

In an ongoing operation geared at ensuring that youngstar return to school, Mukono Municipality law enforcement authorities have picked up over 40 youngsters from the streets and markets.

Children accused of bothering people for money on the streets of Goma and Central Division as part of an organized child begging racket have also been arrested.

Almost a month after schools reopened, Mukono municipality streets and markets are bustling with youngsters aged seven to fifteen, many of whom are selling delicacies, polythene bags, face masks, fruits, and other agricultural produce.

According to Municipal Senior Law Enforcement Officer James Nsimbi, operation ongong will aid in the reduction of school absenteeism, child labor, and street children. The children have been handed over to the municipal probation office for screening, according to Nsimbi.

According to Mukono Municipality Senior Probation Officer Jackline Mirembe, 90% of the children caught in the operation are adolescent moms, with 10% being homeless.

She points out that parents are expected to appear and explain why their children are absent from school, while the homeless will be handed over to the Police Family and Protection Unit for relocation.

Mirembe advises parents to avoid ignoring their children because it puts them at danger for things like early pregnancies. She claims that the majority of street children are fleeing their homes because of interpersonal abuse, carelessness, and corporal punishment.

According to statistics from her office, over the last two years, they have been able to reunite 30 children with their families on the streets, and over 20 have been handed over to homes after being unable to locate their relatives, while the number of those undergoing rehabilitation sessions has remained overwhelming.

Meanwhile, some of the parents who arrived to retrieve their children claimed that their children had dropped out of school due to a shortage of educational supplies such as books. Enforcement officials did listen, according to Jane Namulondo, a trader at Kame Valley Market.



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