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MUBS understudy wanders into stone quarrying

A 22-year-old female understudy of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) wandered into stone quarrying business during the cross country lockdown.

A 22-year-old female understudy of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) wandered into stone quarrying business during the cross country lockdown.

Good cause Ainembabazi, an understudy of Business Administration, says the business empowers her to procure adequate pay and has switched her boring tale of battles to make money.

On 18 March 2021, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni requested the impermanent conclusion of schools the nation over to assist Uganda with restraining the spread of Covid-19 that was spreading across the world. After four days, the Ministry of Health affirmed the principal case in Uganda, a circumstance that constrained the president to report a drawn out absolute lockdown among different measures to assist with containing the spread.

All students were encouraged to remain at home and delay until the circumstance fixes.

Ainembabazi, then, at that point, a second-year understudy, was among the understudies that would go through north of a year at home as the infection assaulted the world, killing in excess of 5,000,000 individuals.

Ainembabazi, a little girl to Eudia Mutabaazi of Rutooma town, Nyabikoni ward in Kabale region, sat home with trusts that the circumstance would standardize in half a month. She had expected predictability to return inside the space of weeks however the stand by went to months and presently years.

While sitting at home without cash, one evening, Ainembabazi understood that enormous rocks close to their home could assist her with producing pay. She kicked a sledge and off quarrying. Our journalist visited her at home over the course of the end of the week and thought that she is caught up with quarrying.

In the wake of quarrying, Ainemabazi goes on to smash the stones to the size of rock. She clarifies that she considered stone quarrying to create pay after she became weary of inactivity and requesting monetary assistance from her mom. Yet, she could generally see vehicles in the area shipping rock to Kabale town and numerous development projects around her town.

With less ability on the most proficient method to painstakingly break the stones, she counseled her neighbors. Ainembabazi says that in May this year, she began breaking the stone however it was rushed and tedious work. She says that in about fourteen days, she had the option to quarry sufficient rock stones available to be purchased.

Ainembabazi says that she was amazed when her first deal raised 200,000 shillings, a sum she had never procured in the course of her life. She says she understood that business is genuine and tried harder. She says that now the business is assisting her with adding to her college educational cost. The business likewise assists her with staying on track.

Ainembabazi says that she presently has a declaration of the battle that guardians go through while raising school charges and other family needs, an example that she won’t ever underestimate in her life. She additionally says that on acknowledging how her endeavor was succeeding, her companions who might once in a while esteem female understudies engaging in stone quarrying were propelled, and counseled her on how they could attempt to do likewise.

She says anyway that there are other people who actually can’t help thinking about how a female understudy in a tertiary foundation like MUBS can turn to stone quarrying, a rushed business for the non-instructed and poor. Ainembabazi says that even after lockdown, she has no plans of stopping the business subsequent to finding how worthwhile it is.

Eudia Mutabaazi says that she had at first not urged her girl to take on stone quarrying yet later tried up and gave out ahead. Mutabaazi says that she is presently glad to see Ainembabazi acquiring from her own perspiration and hustle. She says that her girl’s pay has likewise begun moving her kin.


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