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Mubaje rallies Muslim leaders to support a call for unity.

Sheikh Shaban Mubaje flew to Mecca in 1991 as the Kadhi of the Bugisu Muslim area to perform the minor pilgrimage [Umra].

Sheikh Shaban Mubaje flew to Mecca in 1991 as the Kadhi of the Bugisu Muslim area to perform the minor pilgrimage [Umra].

He was accompanied by Asuman Mbubi, the late deputy chairman of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC).

Mubaje stated they saw a tall man with broad shoulders on the way back who appeared to be Mbubi’s acquaintance.

“He greeted us in Swahili,” says the narrator. When he presented himself as Idi Amin Dada, Uganda’s former president, I was taken aback. “As he was leaving, he admonished us not to betray and abandon the purpose for the founding of UMSC,” Mubaje recalled.

During a consultative unity conference held at the UMSC Conference Hall in Old Kampala, he revealed his experience with Amin.

Amin’s words, according to Mubaje, seeped deep into his heart, and he vowed to do his part to improve UMSC’s image, which was so low and marked by an incomplete national Mosque.

“Now, 21 years after taking the office of Mufti, we have been able to accomplish that dream, and a lot of positive change has been recorded,” Mubaje remarked, amid worshippers’ shouts of “God is the Greatest.”

He disclosed that the majority of Muslims at the grassroots level have agreed to embrace unity in order to carry out the divine command found in the Holy Quran and prophetic sayings.

Mubaje commended Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya for speaking out fearlessly to unite Muslims, adding he never wanted to be remembered as a divisive influence after his death.

He also congratulated Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the Amir of the Nakasero Mosque’s Jumiyyat Al Dawa Al Salafiyya, who expressed his support for UMSC during the consultative meeting.

Kamoga requested that the UMSC leadership ensure that no one be left behind during the process of amending the university’s constitution.

Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya, who recently led a group of Muslims back to UMSC, said he will die glad because he has been exonerated after asking for all Muslims to unify.

“Some ill-intentioned groups will taunt and coax us, but we must remain focused on solidifying unity since it is not a personal choice, but rather the fulfillment of Almighty Allah’s instructions,” he stated.

All of the problems that the Muslim community has faced in the past and now have been caused by divisiveness, according to Ramadhan Mugalu, the UMSC secretary-general.


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