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Mpuuga said to Luweero locals.

"Museveni used you, then dumped you," Mpuuga said to Luweero locals.

Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of the Opposition, has urged the people of Luweero not to expect more from the current leadership, which he claims abandoned them after the bush war.

Mpuuga made the remarks while speaking to mourners during the funeral of Bamunanika MP Robert Ssekitooleko’s grandmother in Luweero district.

He stated that the dictatorship utilized them to attain its goal before discarding them. They’re being dumped.

“Stop requesting assistance from the bush fighters who were here and ate practically everything, including tree leaves.

Stop inquiring about their whereabouts. Don’t hold your breath for them to return. Rebuild your area from the ground up. “They have no recollection of you,” he continued.

He believes it is unjust and inhumane for these authorities to ignore and deny the people of Luweero new advancements, or even to rebuild those that were damaged during the conflict by the NRA rebels.

Mpuuga advised residents of Bamunanika and Luweero to join NUP and support it for a better future.

“We must battle for our children’s future.”

Don’t be afraid to speak up for the truth; if you are afraid, you will die. A timid person always dies in a condition of mourning. Don’t be afraid; some of you are afraid of doing the correct thing out of fear. He enquired, “Who informed you that when you’re afraid, the wrong things become right?”


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