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MPs live in constant terror of being poisoned in the House of Commons.

The dread of being poisoned among Parliament’s members and technical staff may appear to be a fantasy, but it is a reality for some and cannot be washed away.

Two members of Parliament have admitted to Bazzup that they were poisoned in the House and were only saved by God.

The MPs stated that it is terrible that some people believe that the only way to resolve political disputes is to poison them.

After Nathan Okori claimed that his son, late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, was poisoned, the question of poison in politics was resurrected.

Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi, the Vice Chairperson for NRM in Buganda, backed up his assertion.

However, this isn’t the first time politicians have claimed to have been poisoned.

In 2004, Ben Wacha, the then-MP for Oryam South, stated that an attempt was attempted to poison him, Jack Sabiiti, and Gen Mugisha Muntu at the legislative canteen, according to Kira Municipality Legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda.

Wacha said that a flask containing poisoned tea was already brought to Gen. Muntu and Jack Sabiiti, but that they only survived after being warned by a waitress, according to Ssemujju.

Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu, the former state minister for Primary Health Care, cautioned legislators to exercise prudence during a plenary session on May 4, 2018.

“As a member’s bit of advice, let’s take care of ourselves.” Know what you’re eating, where you’re eating, and who you’re eating with. Yes, the condition started with food poisoning, but later on, foreign materials were discovered in my body,” Kaducu explained.

“No natural cause of the sickness was found in any of the examinations conducted by the various hospitals.”

Kaducu’s proposal came after Dokolo Woman legislator Cecilia Ogwal voiced concern about the growing danger of politicians being poisoned. She, too, cautioned legislators to exercise caution.

Former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was alleged to have survived powder poisoning in an envelope during the 9th Parliament.

Some legislators claim that the poison threat has caused them to avoid taking Holy Communion in church and to use separate microphones at public events.

All of these assertions, however, were refuted by Commissioner of Parliament Solomon Silwany, who stated that parliament is the safest location for legislators to eat because there are systems in place to protect them.

Silwany stated that politicians who have survived poisoning must be poisoned at Parliament, and that those who have been poisoned have occurred outside of Parliament’s precincts.


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