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Minister Muyingo vows government assistance as the Huawei ICT competition gets off this year.

The minister was speaking at the Serena Hotel in Kampala during the introduction of the third edition of the Huawei ICT competition.

John Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education, has stated that the government will continue to support activities aimed at preparing learners with the essential skills for the job market.

“We have always made it a point to participate actively in the implementation of digital upskilling initiatives in schools and institutions across the country over the years. The Covid epidemic has posed significant hurdles to the industry. “We have been compelled to reassess the delivery of education for our learners because over 15 million learners have been left at home,” Muyingo added.

The minister was speaking at the Serena Hotel in Kampala during the introduction of the third edition of the Huawei ICT competition.

According to Muyingo, the government’s engagement with Huawei will aid in the creation of new solutions to the issues posed by the pandemic and others.

“I urge you to begin investigating the infrastructure delivery options that will bring our education sector up to speed with the dynamic changes and challenges that the twenty-first century has posed,” he said.

He also praised Huawei for launching the ICT competition, which he described as a vital venue for sharing cutting-edge ICT technology for today’s dynamic workplace.

“As a measure to support ongoing learning during this lockdown, the government is dedicated to upscaling and mainstreaming ICT in the delivery of education. “I thank Huawei for their dedication, and I look forward to many more (ICT Competition) partnerships,” he stated.

Yang Chen Frank, Huawei Technologies’ regional vice president for Southern Africa, praised the Ugandan government for creating an enabling environment that has allowed them to operate in the country.

“We owe a special appreciation to the Ministry of Education and ICT for their unwavering support, which has allowed us to not only realize our ambition of bringing digital to every person, family, and organization in Uganda, but also to teach and upskill Ugandans,” Chen stated.

He stated that Huawei has been able to train over 2000 Ugandan youngsters as well as certify many others through its ICT academics in the nation as a result of the competition.

“This is the outcome of connecting our local plan with national strategies, which is a key idea we follow when it comes to business and skill and knowledge transfer,” he explained.

The annual Huawei ICT competition is aimed at university and college students all around the world, with the goal of improving communication between schools, businesses, and governments while also developing a strong talent ecosystem.

With the concept of “connection, glory, future,” Huawei pushes students’ ICT knowledge, as well as their practical and application abilities, in order to stimulate creativity.

The competition covers cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile networks, and big data, all of which are important to students’ job market competitiveness.

Huawei has inked cooperation agreements with over 250 universities in 14 Sub-Saharan African nations to construct ICT academies over the years on the African continent.

Makerere, Muni, MUBS, Soroti, Kabale, Kyambogo, Nkozi, Mbarara, KIU, and IUIU are among the Ugandan universities that have signed.


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