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Minister Lugoloobi Inaugurates New UBOS Board of Directors

The State Minister of Finance (Planning), Hon. Amos Lugoloobi, has officially introduced the new Board of Directors for the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

The board is led by Dr. Albert Byamugisha as chair, and includes members such as UBOS Executive Director Dr. Chris Mukiza, Ms. Rosette Kavuma, Dr. Jacob Opolot, Dr. Allen Kabagenyi, Ms. Irene Birungi, and Mr. Rogers Batte.

During the inauguration, Minister Lugoloobi urged the board to establish strategic partnerships, embrace the digital revolution, support government monitoring and evaluation, and uphold corporate governance. He expressed gratitude to Hon. Justice Dr. Flavian Zeija, the Principal Judge of Uganda, for administering the Oath of Office and Secrecy to the new board members.

Minister Lugoloobi commended Dr. Albert Byamugisha for his exceptional performance as the previous board chairman and expressed confidence in his re-appointment. He also praised UBOS for achieving significant milestones, such as overseeing various surveys and reports, redrafting the UBOS Act, and developing the Plan for National Statistical Development.

Minister Lugoloobi emphasized the importance of the upcoming National Population and Housing Census in 2024 and urged the board to deliver successful results. Dr. Albert Byamugisha, the Chairman of the Board, highlighted the importance of raising the bureau’s standards and achieving the set targets.

He emphasized the significance of the upcoming census and the board’s commitment to delivering on the bureau’s strategic plans. Dr. Chris Mukiza, the UBOS Executive Director, expressed pride in the bureau’s statistical infrastructure and called for support in the upcoming census activities.

State Minister of Finance (Planning), Hon. Amos Lugoloobi, has inaugurated the new Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) new Board of Directors.


Dr Albert Byamugisha is still chair while UBOS Executive Director Dr Chris Mukiza, Ms Rosette Kavuma, Dr Jacob Opolot, Dr Allen Kabagenyi, Ms Irene Birungi and Mr Rogers Batte are members.

While inaugurating the Board on Tuesday, State Minister of Finance (Planning) Hon. Amos Lugoloobi urged the new Board to forge strategic partnerships, embrace the digital revolution, support government monitoring and evaluation and embrace corporate governance.

Minister Amos Lugoloobi

He thanked The Principal Judge of Uganda, Hon. Justice Dr. Flavian Zeija, for having accepted to bless the occasion and administer the Oath of Office and Secrecy to the incoming Board Members.

He congratulated the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Albert Byamugisha, for his dedicated performance in the past three years.

“I am of no single doubt that your re-appointment as the Chairman of the Board is a true testament to the outstanding performance that you exhibited during your past term of office. To the other Board Members, I must say that you won the trust and confidence of the Government to entrust you with steering the business of the Bureau for the next three years, said Lugoolobi.

He lauded the Bureau for registering a lot of progress including; overseeing the data processing and dissemination of the National House Hold Survey, National Labour Force Survey, Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, Muti-dimensional Poverty Index, the GDP, and Inflation figures just to mention but a few, re-drafting of The Uganda Bureau of Statistics Act of 1998 which is yet to be completed, development of the Plan for National Statistical Development 2020-21 to 2024-25.

Others include; the development of the Risk Management Framework, successfully handling the transition process of the Deputy Executive Director (Ms. Imelda Atai Musana) to the current DED, Mr. Godfrey Nabongo and recruitment of a number staff at all levels (Officers, Seniors, Principals, Heads of Departments and Directors positions;) etc

He called upon the incoming Board to internalize the mandate and functions of the Bureau and come up with policies, regulations and guidelines that will enable the Bureau to keep on top of the game.

“The Vision of the Bureau is “A World Class National Statistics Office”. The bar is therefore set very high for you. Noting that you have a bigger task ahead of you immediately you assume office and this is delivering a successful National Population and Housing Census 2024. This is such a huge undertaking for the Bureau because of its importance in terms of information that the Census provides,” he said.

In his speech, Dr. Albert Byamugisha, the Chairman of the Board, said he is now well conversant with statistical business and therefore, as a team we should aim at raising our score above the set bars.

“If I may recall, towards the end of our previous term in office, we had placed much of our energies in the Census preparations. I must say, that this is our baby that we should nurse very well for the much-anticipated quality results come next year.”

He said UBOS is delivering on a five-year strategic plan.

“It is, therefore, critical that implement our oversight role, it must be within the set strategic guidelines. In this way, we can all together score within the rightful set targets,” noted Byamugisha.

He pledged commitment to deliver on the bureau’s strategic plans, with the support of the Ministry and Management of UBOS and all the stakeholders in the National Statistical System (NSS).

“We believe that as a team, we will build a better UBOS admired and appreciated for what it stands for. That said, we should continue counting on what other Board Members contributed during their terms of service as Board of Directors.”

On his part, UBOS Executive Director, Dr Chris Mukiza, said the Bureau has developed adequate statistical infrastructure both, in terms of equipment and human resource capacity.

“We are proud to say that with your presence, we shall continue to encourage professionalism and commitment of our staff to ensure that quality statistics is available and accessible to meet the ever-changing trends in demand for data and information.”

He added: “As we near the National Population and Housing Census enumeration scheduled for May next year, it is my humble appeal that you support this program to enable every citizen to support and participate in the whole Census activities.”


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