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Meet Promoter Musa, an online music promoter and artist

Promoter Musa, actual name Musa Makanga, an online music distributor who also sings, is trying hard to make his imprint in Uganda's music industry in his own distinctive way

Promoter Musa, actual name Musa Makanga, an online music distributor who also sings, is trying hard to make his imprint in Uganda’s music industry in his own distinctive way.

The young boy, who has the financial means to become mainstream like the others, opted to focus his efforts on becoming digital instead, and has since produced a few of songs that many of you have never heard on any major media platform.

He began his music career at the age of 17 as an online music promoter, mostly requesting A Pass’ songs due to his admiration for the singer.

Promoter Musa has collaborated with a number of well-known Ugandan musicians and producers, including A Pass, Grace Nakimera, Herbert Skillz, and international rapper 6ix9ine, with whom he published his “Gooba” lyrics, which appear in Google feeds when one searches for the song. In 2020, the song debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart (dated May 23).

We were intrigued to him because of how he has persevered in the music industry despite a lack of money and what the lockdown has taught him since he began releasing songs in early 2020. Below are his responses to a couple of our questions:

Who encouraged you to pursue a career in music and internet promotion?

While utilizing my technological gadgets, I was motivated to promote A Pass’ song by requesting it from various media channels. In reality, I had never considered or dreamed of being an artist until the notion occurred to me out of nowhere.

Why did you choose to be an internet artist instead of pursuing a career in the mainstream?

I opted to pursue internet promotion and music since I could only utilize the devices I had at the time, and I couldn’t afford to pay the fees associated with conventional music promotion.

What have been some of the obstacles you’ve faced in your music career so far, both before and after the lockdown?

Because I am not a performing musician, I have not had financial difficulties thus far because I market my music mostly through internet channels.

However, as a music promoter, it might be difficult to assist other musicians in promoting and distributing their music because it takes time and sometimes the services are not paid for. What has the music industry given you, and where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

So far, I’m grateful to God for allowing me to interact with a wide range of people in the arts sector, including both local and foreign artists. I’ve also managed to build a brand and a fan base that validates and trusts my services.

The biggest accomplishment I’m proud of is that I was able to release my first EP (Extended Play) and that I’m currently working on others.

I’m thrilled that my track “Mama Sita” starring Mayestron has surpassed one million listens on Audiomack in just three weeks after its release. It was the first song in Uganda to reach that milestone, and I am the first Ugandan artist to surpass two million streams on Audiomack. In ten years, I hope to see my music distribution company, PM Music Publishing Ltd, grow into a major player in Africa, where I will be able to sign and manage artists.

What keeps you engaged or motivated at work?

Music is about self-confidence, love, and passion.
Which Ugandan and African musicians would you like to collaborate with?
Mr. Eazi, and any other outstanding African artists, get a pass.
May you offer prospective artists and promoters a quick overview of how to join streaming apps like Amazon, Audiomack, and others, as well as how they can gain from them?

Tunecore, Distrokid, Ditto, PM Music Publishing Ltd, and other distribution firms are only a few examples. The advantage of using streaming Apps is that they facilitate music distribution, provide a solution to music piracy, motivate people to pay for music, provide exposure to emerging talent in the music industry, and allow them to make money from their artistic endeavors over time.

Artists may now evaluate how people engage with their music by uploading it to streaming apps. They also provide easy-to-use platforms for people in other countries to listen to music.

Background Information

Promoter a.k.a. Musa Makanga Musa was born in Kampala, Uganda, on January 22, 1999. He was reared by a single mother in the Mayuge area of Bwondha.

For his elementary education, he attended Jereth nursery and primary school. After that, he went to Equator Collage for his secondary education.


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